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    [ubuntu] Re: Install - Sata problems???..

    Ok, thanks for the advice, i will try it out and get back on how it worked :P..
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    [ubuntu] Install - Sata problems???..

    Hi all, i am sorry i think i made i similar thread before but i forgot to bookmark it before my holiday and have lost it :S (Can't find it through search etc).

    When trying to install Ubuntu (or...
  3. [ubuntu] Can't install on Western Digital 1600 (sata)

    Hi all, when trying to install 9.04 my H/D cannot be found so i cannot install :S

    My spec is:

    HD: Maxtor STM3250820AS
    Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200 Dual-Cor
    Motherboard: Foxconn SKT939
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    Re: If you have Windows XP, why do you use linux?

    I will use Linux when they make the build up of the operating system idiot proof. - With windows i know where all my programs are, my user files etc. With Linux i don't know what is installed where,...
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    Re: Visual Confirmation

    Both all look tricky :D

    I would say the first one is: WbBR2P
    The second one: MF L or 2 BS
    The third one: pZ4S3f

    :D - Yea as said above you may have slight color blindness - very common in us...
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    Poll: Re: BSD vs. Linux ... Defend your OS!!

    PC-BSD is a very very good OS. Its built very well and its package management is brilliant.

    I personally like vista aswell - even though its not the most popular OS :P. I like it just for the...
  7. Re: Has any linux n00b asked where C:\ and stuff are?

    Wow you called a whole lot of your potential user base dickheads. Well Done.
  8. Re: What FOSS is out there already that is better than it's proprietary counterparts?

    Firefox > IE7
    K3b > nero 7 (too much bloat in nero) shame no windows version of k3b
    7zip (is that open source) > winzip
    Frostwire > kazza and all that other crap.

    But i would have to say MS...
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    Poll: Re: best version of Ubuntu

    I am much much happier with this release than of any of the others. Unlike the other releases i am not getting any strange errors, its not breaking with updates and its not breaking with its own...
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    Poll: Re: Give Gutsy a rating

    I like it - i don't get any of the installation problems with this release that i did with feisty. I also like the new artwork. This one worked much better for me than of any of the others (which was...
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    Re: Favorite program in linux?

    kb3 - best burning programme about.
  12. Poll: Re: Just say "NO" ... to providing free Windows tech support

    If you sent me and email with that on the end i would laugh so hard, honestly - it would be better to send out programmes with adware in it that pops up use ubuntu.
  13. Poll: Re: How many Computers do you have and what OS is on each one ?

    PC 1+2 - Used for burning cds, website creation, graphics: Windows XP
    PC 3 - Brothers Personal PC: Windows XP
    PC 4 - Mine: Windows Vista on h/d 1 - XP on h/d 2, sabayon on h/d 3
    PC 5 - Sisters:...
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    Re: Do you like soccer?

    I love football :D

    My fantasy football team is winning all 3 leagues i am in atm - even at the top of my public league :)

    I either want to see west ham, man U, newcastle or everton win this...
  15. Poll: Re: Human Look and Feel Vs. 'Kitchenware' Look and Feel for a GUI

    The ubuntu devs seem bent on making an ugly distro - the look and feel of ubuntu is moaned about time and time again but it is never changed. Hopefully in 7.10 they will include some of the themes...
  16. Re: Did the firefox developers forget why they started firefox?

    last time i used opera i kept getting add banners which are intergrated into the top of the browser and i hear there is a lack of flash support which i need.

    Untill they get rid of the adverts...
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    Re: [wallpaper] proposals looking good!

    All of them are much better than ubuntus wallpaper. Why not include all of these with the next launch?
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    Re: If you have Windows XP, why do you use linux?

    Posts like this makes me want to flame you - but i wont. I am not going say what i was because that is total ********.

    Ubuntu user = likes the look of dog ****?
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    Re: If you have Windows XP, why do you use linux?

    How would the average user who has that little computing experience know how to install and manager compiz fusion effects. I personally would rather see ubuntu devs develope a uniquie menu system -...
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    Re: Which Media Player do you use in Windows?

    windows media player - Its one of the best media applications avalible. It does video and music for me.
  21. Re: Linux Foundation calls for 'respect for Microsoft'

    This made me LOL - MS had its day, and why do they still hold over 90% of the market share? Developers of linux distros have still go alot to do. In order to get maybe 7% of the market share...
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    Re: If you have Windows XP, why do you use linux?

    He might mean either sudoing or something like that. You could edit the shortcut command and add "sudo" in front of it, this give the application the admin privliged it needs.
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    Re: How I got Guild Wars working in Wine 0.9.23

    Even though guildwars is not reasource hungry. A dedicated graphics card WILL lighten the load on the rest of your system and undoutedly give much better frames per second.
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    Re: If you have Windows XP, why do you use linux?

    How did you get wolvenstine to work, everytime i try entering a server it downloads a whole lot of junk for about 30mins and chucks me out after i have downloaded all this crap. I thought it could of...
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    Re: wine vs cedga

    Wine works well for most things now - and its free. Give it a spin first and see if it does it for you, if not try out the demo of cedega and see if its any different.
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