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    [xubuntu] Re: Flash player issues.

    What web browser are you using?
  2. [ubuntu] Re: I can't customize my theme! They are locked. Help?!

    I have found that changing the theme to one that does support the color change immediately, and then switching to the desired theme sometimes changes the color if it doesnt work immediately. Might...
  3. [ubuntu] Different Wallpapers, Different Workspaces

    Hello everyone,

    Can somebody please help show me how to put a different wallpaper on each workspace of the desktop? I know there are ways of doing this, but I don't know how to.

    Also, if it is...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Installing Using Alternate Install

    I have another question. It says it's a text based install. Is it simple, or is it rather complicated (to the point that I may have to Google a walk through?)
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Installing Using Alternate Install

    Alright, many thanks!
  6. [ubuntu] Installing Using Alternate Install

    How do I install Ubuntu using an Intel x86 alternate install CD?

    And does that provide a GNOME desktop? Or is it purely text/command based?
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    [ubuntu] Ubuntu on Old PC

    I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out a way to install Ubuntu on an old desktop of mine.

    It's system specs are the following:

    AMD Duron 995 MHz processor
    192 MB RAM
    40 GB...
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