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  1. Re: howto: Belkin F7D1101 with RTL8192SU from staging

    MAD PROPS, works like a charm!

    Thanks for the help you saved me a ton of time.
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    [ubuntu] Iptables, Sockso, and Port Binding

    So I want to run a Sockso server (streams .mp3s) so I can listen to my music on my netbook/any computer with internet. However my school will only allow traffic to go out on port 80/21 so I cannot...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: SSH Setup Question (Require KeyAuth for Only Remote Connections)

    Oh, okay I guess I can do it properly and use only key based auth. Thx for the suggestions!

    Follow up question, is there a disadvantage is using only one pub key for multiple systems? I was...
  4. [ubuntu] SSH Setup Question (Require KeyAuth for Only Remote Connections)

    I've setup ssh on my main home server which I use as a file server and to tunnel through while not at home.

    Here's my question, is it possible to require key based auth from only remote...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Problems with fstab

    You sir are brilliant I just got it working, I just typed in "realtime" without even thinking about it, brain sees what it wants to see sorta thing. Out of curiosity what does "relatime" mean?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Problems with fstab

    Sorry for being unclear, I was substituting "user" for my actual user name.
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    [ubuntu] Problems with fstab

    I have a drobo ( which is basically a really fancy usb external hdd. Now I would like to mount this drive to ~/drobo on every boot so I edited my /etc/fstab like so;

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    [ubuntu] Re: new to ubuntu - beginner's help

    Ubuntu comes pre-installed with just about everything you'll need to begin with, word processor, web browser, etc. I may recommend the Ubuntu restricted extras, Amarok, VLC, and XBMC.
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Mount Drives to Folders That Contain Data?

    thanks for the help guys, just wanted to make sure i wasnt doing it wrong
  10. [ubuntu] Mount Drives to Folders That Contain Data?

    So basically current setup for my media server is a 1Tb drive that contains all my data, however i am running out of space (blu-ray rips add up). So i bought i second 1Tb drive and would like to...
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    [ubuntu] vsFTPd Conf Question

    Is there a way to not let users change directory above their home, only subdirectories of it?

    Preferably I'd like it so that only a certain group cannot exit the /home/ftpdata/ but others can, is...
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    [ubuntu] Streaming Music

    So for last few months i've been running vibe streamer (in wine on Ubuntu 8.10) so i can listen to music at school, (it creates a web server + DynDNS). problem is that is it only supports .mp3s...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Bind Port 80 - Vibe Streamer


    You need to run wine as root. Only root can have a program open a listening port in the range 1 to 1024.

    --In case someone else reads this thread :)
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    [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Bind Port 80 - Vibe Streamer

    So im running vibe streamer (in wine). Its basically a webserver that streams MP3s for you. I'm trying to set it up on port 80 so i can listen to it at school (almost all the other ports are...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Updating to 8.04 on the EEE (low disk space)

    So how do i do that exactly?
  16. [ubuntu] Updating to 8.04 on the EEE (low disk space)

    Okay i've got an ASUS eee-pc (w/2Gb RAM) trying to upgrade to 8.04 from 7.10 but i dont have enough space on the internal (4Gb SSD) to download all the packages, i do have a 8Gb SD card, is there any...
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