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    [ubuntu] Change the partition?

    I have a dual boot set up. When I first start the computer I get a black and white screen. In it I see a menu with options to run Ubuntu or Windows.

    I need to change the size of the partition. How...
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    [ubuntu] PC's with Ubuntu preinstall

    I was thinking of getting a PC that has Ubuntu installed. I figure if the PC comes with Ubunutu then I'll have fewer hardware problems.

    So can anyone here recommend a PC company that makes Ubuntu...
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    [ubuntu] Emulation for Sound Blaster?

    I am using Ubuntu 10.04.

    Is there an emulation for Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Audio?
  4. [ubuntu] I would like to run Windows software in Ubuntu

    I am using Ubuntu 9.04.

    I wanted to know, can I run Windows software like computer games and .Net from within Ubuntu?

    If so, what do I need to do to make this happen?
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    [ubuntu] No Sound on Ubuntu 9.04

    I am using Ubuntu 9.04.

    I have no sound on Ubuntu. Can you all tell me what I need to do? I have limited Unix experience. So please explain the steps to a beginner.
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    [ubuntu] Reformat or Drop WIndows Partition

    I am using Ubuntu 9.04.

    I have a dual boot partition. My Windows is Windows XP. Windows XP is totally shot. I can't even safe boot windows. Also I can't boot from the CD Rom.

    Since Windows...
  7. Thread: No Sound

    by RM33

    [ubuntu] No Sound

    I am using Ubuntu 9.04.

    I tried going to and I did not hear any music.

    So what do I have to do get the sound working right.

    Be aware. I am new to Ubuntu.
  8. [ubuntu] No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or device found error

    I am using Ubuntu 8.10.

    I was trying to fix the sound on my system. This is what I did.

    In the top toolbar, next to the date, there is a speaker icon. I right click on it,then I got the error:...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Restart does not work

    So I hit CTRL - ALT - F2 to get to the command line. Then I entered sudo reboot and nothing. What happens is that the screen shows the logo and just hangs there. I end up pulling the plug in order to...
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    [ubuntu] Restart does not work

    I am using Ubuntu 8.10.

    Shutdown works fine. But restart does not work. I see the Ubuntu logo on the screen but the PC just hangs there.

    Is there something I can do to fix this?
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    [ubuntu] Dual boot install. WIndows first or Ubuntu?

    I am using Windows XP and Ubuntu 8.10.

    Does it make sense to install Ubuntu first, then install window? Or Should I stick to Windows first.

    If Ubuntu first is the better choice, do you have any...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Windows XP connection to Internet stopped working.

    Do you get a connection at all? Yes. In fact, I write from my troubled connect. Also, the cable company sent network guy to my house and he said that the connection is fine.

    How about the...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Windows XP connection to Internet stopped working.

    I had the cable company check my cable modem connection. There is nothing wrong with Ubuntu.

    In fact, I am replying to you from Ubuntu.
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Windows XP connection to Internet stopped working.

    My connection to the Internet is works with Ubuntu. In fact, as I write this reply, I am doing from my Ubuntu installation.
  15. [ubuntu] Windows XP connection to Internet stopped working.

    I am using Ubuntu 8.10.

    My Windows XP worked fine and was able to connect to the Internet. Then I created a dual boot system with Ubuntu. Now, I can not connect anymore to the Internet using...
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