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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Thunderbird pop email problem with Outlook

    Thunderbird asks for the POP server name but does not have the choice to change that to IMAP. Probably got set when the wizard set up the account years ago.

    I just set up a new Outlook account in...
  2. [SOLVED] Thunderbird pop email problem with Outlook

    I've solved this problem but want to share the fix.

    Thunderbird stopped receiving my MSN (Outlook) emails complaining that the user name or password was incorrect.

    There was a change in the...
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    [ubuntu] Nouveau driver crashes system

    I have a Meerkat Ion 64bit. The nouveau video driver for 12.10 and 13.04 crashes the system after using it for a while. The Nvidia driver (current) does not seem to work either.

    Sep 23...
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    [ubuntu] Re: USB 3.0 freezes mouse

    Fixed the problem. I plugged the mouse in a different 2.0 port and it now works fine.
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    [ubuntu] USB 3.0 freezes mouse

    I have a Meerkat Ion 64-bit. When I plug a USB 3.0 flash drive or a USB 3.0 SD card reader into the USB 3.0 port the mouse freezes. This happens with both the USB mouse and the wireless mouse. The...
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    Sticky: [SOLVED] Re: I upgraded, and now I have this error...

    I thought I would share this tip.

    When doing a fresh install all of your software will have to be reinstalled. First I save all of the hidden configuration files from my home directory. Then I...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu installation from USB doesn't work.

    Make sure that your flash drive is plugged directly into an USB port and not a hub.
  8. [SOLVED] Re: Installing Ubuntu on Laptop without Batteries fails

    You say that it is an old laptop. Are you sure it is 64 bit?
  9. [ubuntu] Re: bual boot - windows/ubuntu. no boot manager

    The simple way was to not partition the drive in the first place and install side by side with windows. The option, to install to a partition, is more difficult as you would have had to make a small...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Tablet PC in the Future?

    SmartQ T20 tablet can run Ubuntu from an SD card. $310

    ASUS is selling an Ubuntu tablet in India. It's such a hot item there's no doubt that they will be expanding their sales.

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    [ubuntu] Re: Update Manager Notifications (Unity)

    I changed "When there are other updates" from "Display Weekly" to "Display Immediately" and the notifications returned. Thanks.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Update Manager Notifications (Unity)

    I have the same problem. Looking for a fix in the forums. I'll post back here if I find anything.
  13. [SOLVED] Re: Restoring GRUB2 on a Vista/Precise dual-boot

    I like the Boot Repair from Source Forge,

    You can write the image to a cd or flash drive and boot to that.

    Real easy to use. Just click on...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot!

    First tried to upgrade 11.10 from 11.04 on my Meerkat Ion -> disaster; Did a fresh install -> Totally unusable; Reinstalled 11.04 -> rescued; Good that I have /home on a separate partition.

  15. [ubuntu] Re: Upgrade error no access to unity/dash/launcher

    Open Configuration editor ->desktop->unity-2d->launcher
    Set hide_mode to 0
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    [ubuntu] Re: How loud is the Meerkat?

    I just bought a Meerkat Ion. The case fan was very loud when it started up. I purchased a super quiet liquid bearing fan online. This fan is totally silent. Perhaps System76 will start putting better...
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