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  1. [lubuntu] KVM Qemu Lubuntu Host and guest with spice/qxl?

    I've got a newly installed Lubuntu 13.04 host and would like to install Lubuntu 13.04 guests
    using spice/qxl display/video. When I get to the first boot from hard drive, the boot keeps recycling...
  2. [lubuntu] Running Lubuntu/lightdm desktop on tightvnc

    I am setting up a Lubuntu box that will be remote from me on my companies network backbone. I would like to be able to run and share the lubuntu/lightdm desktop on the remote box. I think tightvnc...
  3. [lubuntu] Re: Install lubuntu 12.10 with VNC desktop only

    I did install the desktop and then was able to ssh x forward using xephyr, but I had some issues.
    1) Slower than I liked
    2) I could not get the X forwarding to work without the Xorg desktop...
  4. [lubuntu] Install lubuntu 12.10 with VNC desktop only

    What I'm trying to accomplish is a lubunto 12.10 desktop box that can boot without a monitor and puts the graphical desktop on VNC.
    I have a Dell Inspiron 560 that I want to put in my company's data...
  5. [ubuntu] qemu-kvm guests start at boot up with supervisord?

    I'm new to kvm, I would like to place a Ubuntu computer in my
    company data center that will alway be running 2 guest vm's:

    Ubuntu KVM host
    guest 1 - Windows 2003 Server with MSSQL 2000
    guest 2...
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    [all variants] Re: Chrome 10 WebGL not working

    The host computer is an HP Envy 17 with ATI Mobility Radeon HD5850. In this setup I would do perfomance testing on the Windows 7 host side. I would like to develop and debug in my development...
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    [all variants] Re: Chrome 10 WebGL not working

    glxinfo reports OpenGL 2.1.

    OpenGL vendor string: Mesa Project ...
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    [all variants] Chrome 10 WebGL not working

    I would like to get WebGL to work with Chrome 10 (and also FireFox 4)

    Running 10.04 as VMware guest on windows 7 host.

    glxgears displays fine.

    lspci -nn | grep VGA ...
  9. [ubuntu] Home network - names/ip (DNS) from router

    I have a D-Link DIR-625 router with 4 computers wired in and a number of wireless computers. On the router I can see a list of computer names with assigned IP addresses. How can I get my Ubuntu...
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