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  1. Re: Anyone else having this problem with the default ubuntu theme?

    Are you guys using ATI cards with the open source driver? There were some issues during development with these cards and graphical corruption...

    Also, are you using normal X or Xgl?
  2. Re: OpenSource NTFS support experimental.Commercial software already ahead?How can it

    If you have a windows license, you can use the Captive NTFS Drivers on Linux for full read-write support. Captive was recently updated to use the new FUSE kernel interface, too. No paragon...
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    Re: qt v/s gtk2 applications

    I prefer Ubuntu (and hence GTK) simply because, for me:

    Gaim > Kopete
    I like Gaim 2.0's interface better, and I like the fact that I have access to lots of plugins that Kopete doesn' this...
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    Poll: Re: Ubuntu is NOT READY for Edgy anything!

    He's referring to the fact that:

    A. The current GNOME print dialog won't let you print just odd or just even pages, so duplexing is a pain.
    B. The current GNOME print dialog won't let you print...
  5. Re: A few things keeping me from using Evolution ...

    Number one at least, works in evolution. Just set it in the Account Options dialog box where your trash, junk, and sent folders puts them on my IMAP server for me.

    Two, try filing a...
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    Re: Make Room for the Edgy Eft!

    Hmm...a red spotted newt...usually pictured on green leaves...

    Suddenly, the new colorscheme Mark has been referring to that'll happen after Dapper (the last brown release) all makes sense...
  7. Thread: CS:Source

    by varunus

    Re: CS:Source

    I'm running it in Cedega here; working fine for me. I haven't tried it with just wine though.
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    Poll: Re: OpenOffice is "ten years behind MS Office"?

    I use openoffice for everything except one thing: Excel. The charts and graphs system in openoffice...I just can't use it, for some reason. No trendline control that I can find, no R^2 values, no...
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    Re: Battlefield2 and World of Warcraft

    Linux is better in a lot of ways in my opinion, but its also different. You'll have to get used to a lot of new ways of doing things, like using packages instead of installers.

    There are two...
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    Poll: Re: Ubuntulooks colors (Metacity titlebar)?

    Select Human in the theme manager and then reboot (ignoring the funky colors). Once you do that, it will work.
  11. Re: Requset for screenshot of GTK app under KDE

    GTK Apps only look bad under KDE if you have them configured wrong. You can set KDE to "Use my KDE theme in GTK apps," which will use the "Gtk-QT" engine to make all your GTK apps look the same as...
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    Re: A send-to-trash command for the shell

    Great howto! Stops me from messing things up permanently from the console.

    One other thing to add:

    If you open your ~/.bashrc file using gedit from a terminal:

    gedit ~/.bashrc

    Under the...
  13. Re: How can I get Rubber Windows, Shadowed Windows and Transparent Windows?

    Actually, the shift-backspace thing has been fixed (you have to select the correct keyboard setting), and once new drivers are out for cards like the intel 915 and other cards, pixel shaders won't...
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    Poll: Re: Kevin's CNR Poll

    Actually, Linspire licenses the codecs for use with CNR, so Linspire users who subscribe get access to all of the codecs for free. So we'd be paying for the license to have the codecs all legally.
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    Poll: Re: Kevin's CNR Poll

    I would just use CNR to get legal proprietary codecs. Is there a way to get these without paying for the entire year of CNR? Maybe just a "multimedia pack" for ubuntu? Enable DVD Playback, MP3,...
  16. Re: To those of you who claim Ubuntu is hard to use...

    From what I've seen, don't wireless keyboards pretty much just work? I know my friend's wireless mouse worked without any config (aside from some logitech tweaking).

    As long as the thing uses...
  17. Re: HOWTO: Fix the reboot issue on Toshiba computers

    You'll have to redo this every time you install a kernel upgrade; its possible that you upgraded your kernel and will have to redo it...

    But any button makes it reboot? That's odd...I'm not sure....
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    Re: Quake 2 On Ubuntu

    Quake 4 is also out on linux; I got the demo from ID's site...I'm very tempted to buy the game now...
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    Re: I`m searching for a good paint program!

    The GIMP can make lines and circles...

    Its a bit more complicated than a lot of other programs, but the power you get more than makes up for it. :)
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    Re: The big switch...

    I agree with most of the people's GNOME comments here; I had to tinker with KDE until I got it to a usable point. (I made a second panel, made it look like GNOME, set Konqueror to double-click, got...
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    The big switch...

    I've always been a big GNOME fan. I've tried to use KDE multiple times, starting with the 2.0 series (where I actually did use it for a while), and then again with the 3.0 series. Every 3.x version...
  22. Re: The Composite Manager Guide: How to Get Vista-ish Effects in (K)(X)Ubuntu.

    Heck, if you're not playing games, you could get away with an NVIDIA 5000 series card.

    You could also buy an ATI 92XX for $25 and set up EXA for special effects like the first post may...
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    Re: Unreal Tournament 2004 Performance..

    What framerate do you get in glxgears? (glxgears -printfps)

    Does glxinfo show you using NVIDIA OpenGL drivers?
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    Re: Get the new Cairo enabled Clearlooks here!

    Does anyone else get some random crashes and application closings when using clearlooks cairo cvs? Namely in the GIMP and gedit when attempting to close indivdual tabs/windows (I don't get these...
  25. Ubuntu and Eye Candy...a question/solution

    Many people have read poofyhairguy's Composite Manager howto over in the Tips and Tricks section of the forums. Unfortunately, only those with NVIDIA cards or old Radeons can really enjoy the full...
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