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  1. [ubuntu] Re: I downloaded md5sum how do I use it?

    I dragged ubuntu 9.04 into the md5sum and it zipped it, how do I know my download was succesful and what is my next step to placing ubuntu
    into a cd, what size shoud the cd be?
  2. [ubuntu] I downloaded Ubuntu 9.04 how do I use it?

    I downloaded ubunto 9.04 to my IBM laptop, what web address can detail the rest of the instructions of how to download the recommended burning software and details of the rest of the process to use...
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    [ubuntu_mobile] Re: Can windows xp & ubuntu b together on a pc?

    Thank u very much for ur effort to help me connect with my broadband card. now this brings me to another question, How can I download ubuntu 9.04 without wiping out my my windows xp, which I also...
  4. [ubuntu] Need help w/ boadband connection to ubuntu 7.10

    I am having trouble setting up my sprint broadband with my linux ubuntu 7.10 operating system, which im only trying off a cd, i also have windows xp on this laptop. Please help me set up my broadband...
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    [ubuntu_mobile] sprint broadband card

    I have ubuntu 7.10 on a CD so I also have windows in this laptop, I am checking out this new operating system and I dont know how to set up my sprint broadband card, if there is anyone familiar with...
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