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  1. [all variants] Re: MacBookAir4,1 & MacBookAir4,2 (MBA 2011) support

    I would say that they're developing drivers as we speak.
    But respectively have you google'd for 'em yet?
  2. [ubuntu] Re: headphone jack red light on macbook pro 5.1 with 11.04

    That also happens with windows, this just simply means that there are no drivers for the headphone jack on the MBP.
    And for it glowing red, that means it's disabled, theres a chip on the board that...
  3. Resuming my journey of begginer programming

    Hello everyone! I've just installed Ubuntu and Windows 7 x64 side-by-side.
    But in my haste, I have to get used to the new lib's and compilers that work with linux.
    The last thing I was working on...
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