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  1. [ubuntu_studio] Re: Easy file transfer between Win 10 and Studio 21.04 - how ?

    I took a little different path to sharing files between computers. Most SOHO routers have the capability to mount a USB drive installed in the router's USB port. Kind of a light duty NAS.
  2. Re: How is ZFS coming in Ubuntu's development of it?

    Have you seen this?

    ZFS seems a bit of overkill for desktop systems. There is BTRFS which is supposed to offer some of the benefits of ZFS and can be chosen on...
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    Re: Text on websites is too light to read

    Use the same procedure as you used to get the image shown above but do it with a problematic web page on the screen. It's typical to feel frustrated when starting with something unfamiliar. Hang in...
  4. Re: Ubuntu Bootloader installed on internal drive

    You should have been able to choose where it goes during the install process. It's been some time since I've done an install - LTS user - perhaps one must use the "something else" option when...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 20.04 Realtek 8821CE wi-fi does not work properly

    Hi Chili

    The device that deepakdeshp has looks a little bit different than what we're used to. I did a quick search, this looks like that product's web page.
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    [SOLVED] Re: ethernet wont connect

    There was an issue with some RealTek ethernet drivers in 20.04 when it first came out. I had just purchased a new mother board that had a RealTek 8169H ethernet chip. RealTek 8169 had been supported...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Question about typing issue on Ubuntu and Wayland vs

    Interesting. I've been using Wayland exclusively on 20.04 with no problem. I guess there's something in 21.04 that Wayland doesn't like.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Can i install ubuntu to a new Disk?

    All very good advice. It can be handy to have a Windows install just in case. For instance I find myself having to use hardware that there is no foreseeable chance of its working with anything other...
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    Re: Firefox Snap as Default in 21.10

    It would suck hugely for me if I couldn't install shell extensions. I just checked Vivaldi on 20.04 and it looks like I can install, delete and modify extensions there if Firefox chooses to be...
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    Re: No more snap for me.

    Would something like that be popular for enterprise use? Or perhaps schools?
  11. Re: Which flavour and settings for an elderly person

    Your mother sounds much like my wife. Poor vision, some dexterity degradation. Mainline Ubuntu has some accessibility tweaks. Click the upper right corner of the screen then Settings -> Universal...
  12. Re: Just got my first Linux computer last night.......

    Yes it is. One of the differences between Windows and Ubuntu is that Ubuntu or any Linux distro responds to security issues by patching the underlying flaw rather than relying on antivirus and the...
  13. Re: Ubuntu 20.04.03 Ethernet adapter Wired cable unplugged

    I have an inexpensive TP-Link ethernet-USB adapter for just such occasions. I know it's plug and play. If the built-in ethernet port doesn't work I'll try the USB-ethernet adapter. If the USB adapter...
  14. Re: Just got my first Linux computer last night.......

    I would certainly make a USB installer for 20.04. Going thru the 14.04 -> 16.04 -> 18.04 -> 20.04 upgrades may work but I'd be prepared for glitches just in case. It really doesn't take long to do a...
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    Brother MFC-J4535DW initial report

    I'm posting here in the Cafe because I'm posting more of a review than support request. Mods, move it as you see fit. It's a pretty new model, easy enough to find the specs elsewhere. Here's is what...
  16. Re: Brother 135C begins to print at the header or even above

    I have an old Brother machine, MFC-6490CW that doesn't format pages properly when used with certain apps, particularly outlook in office365. What I need to do in those cases is to print to file...
  17. [SOLVED] Re: Full disk encryption--an explanation of exactly how does it work from the user's

    As far as I know, Ubuntu hasn't created swap partitions at install for some time, it creates swap files. I used one of the 'easy to use' encryption methods, I think it was encfs but I'm not certain....
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    [ubuntu] Re: Canon LIDE 400 scanner problems

    Second VueScan. When we bought it we bought the Standard Edition, it was around 2015 I think. After some years the Standard Edition would no longer work. I didn't pursue why that was the case, the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Printing Issues

    Hello Jack

    I'm certainly no expert but have a couple thoughts. First I would see if I had the app "system-config-printer" installed. If not, I'd install it from the repository. Launch it and see...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: i've installed Ubuntu 21.04, but i don't have internet.

    If the above suggestions don't help, you could try a USB ethernet dongle. I have one because I was concerned about internal NIC support on a new motherboard. I did try it and it worked as expected. I...
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    Re: Best VPN with Ubuntu

    I'm using Private Internet Access. It seems to work well enough though there is some concern about a recent hire there, I don't remember name or details but he had something of an unsavory past. I...
  22. [xubuntu] Re: Printer fails to print test page

    I have a Samsung MFD as well. I've had better luck using the Samsung printer driver located on HP's support web site. HP bought Samsung's printer business. This might get you pointed in the right...
  23. [SOLVED] Re: Installed on USB disk, but GRUB got installend in internal

    I've created full installs on flash drives and had problems similar to yours. I took the blunt force tack and removed the hard drive. On my laptops (older Thinkpads) that's pretty easy. On newer...
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    Re: Ultimaker Cura issue with wayland

    There are some applications like that, unfortunately. Canonical is talking about making Wayland default in 22.04 but X will still be select-able at login. Now X is default but I select Wayland - it...
  25. [SOLVED] Re: External USB drive becoming read only.

    You're thinking of M-Disc probably. 25 & 50 GB.capacities and yes they do require a burner rated for them. There are archival DVDs that are supposed to be longer lived than those found at Big Box...
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