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  1. Re: ASUS EB1037 - nvidia 820m - VBios issue - optimus

    OK, and thanks for the advice. Now I am in the same situation. I resetted all UEFI settings to default (except temp boot device), and got the same hang if I did not disable nouveau, and got it up by...
  2. Re: ASUS EB1037 - nvidia 820m - VBios issue - optimus

    I am trying the same - but can't help much.

    I tried 14.04 64 bit server, and 14.04 64 bit desktop. Both did hang in early phase of USB boot, just gray screen and nothing else. Then I noticed that...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Apache doesn't work with IPv6 - syntax error

    Hi, there has been lots of discussion about this and somewhat similar things, and also a bug report 397393.

    It seems to be a feature, not a bug:

    - if the system has only "Scope:Link" IPv6...
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