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    Re: hacking and cracking

    When it comes to pop culture Hackers are the evil doers behind the computer screen the haunts the world at night. Crackers on the other hand are not as socially known, but generally does all the...
  2. Re: What Linux Distro do you have on your laptop?

    Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with the Gnome Shell interface. I have just found Gnome Shell to work best for me for my daily use. My kids on the other hand uses Unity on there laptops for school since it the...
  3. Poll: Re: how many friends/relatives/families use linux?

    With me and my entire family and most of my friends using Linux and mainly Ubuntu in one way or another I have deveopled a wonderful network for myself. I got tired of always fixing my friends Window...
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    Re: What's in Your Bag

    After I asked this question I saw a lady a my local bookstore that had a full size tot bag with everything under the sun. She had her laptop, tablet, cellphone, wacom tablet, speakers, headphones,...
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    What's in Your Bag

    :guitar: Oh the goog old day of 7 pound laptop bags with everything under the sun from our 1 pound laptops with 0 feet or wires and enough gear to power a small country. I can still remember my first...
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    Re: Am I the only one using LTS?

    If you are looking for the most stable system you can have then the LTS is the best idea. I am running 10.04 on my media centers and work computers.

    However all of my personal computers beside...
  7. Poll: Re: How many people use Ubuntu with Gnome-shell in stead of Unity?

    In my personal and professional life I have found that Gnome Shell just works better for me. I love the way the interface looks and feels on my desktops and laptops. I would love to see Gnome Shell...
  8. Re: The Linux desktop is dead. Long live the Linux desktop

    The Linux desktop is not dead, just unknown.The only way I can buy Linux in any store in the states ( at least near me) is the local super bookstore. Even at the bookstore the Linux mags are behind...
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    [ubuntu] Re: No wired connection detected

    I am also dealing with this issue, but have yet to find a solution to help me. Normally it's a wireless issue, but my wireless seems to work fine. One thing I have noticed was both my computer and my...
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    Quick Tip for Unity and Gnome3

    One of the small problems I was having when i began using Unity or Gnome 3 was not being able to get to the software I want as easy as I could before the two came along. Now I know you can just type...
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    Re: Ubuntu V.S. Kubuntu

    Unity is a new beginning for Ubuntu and a step in the right direction for mainstreaming the OS. I am not the biggest fan of Unity, but it works great on my old laptop that was running slow as hell...
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    Re: Which Linux Distro

    Ubuntu Ultimate Edition across the board for me. I love using Ubuntu, but when it comes to helping my friends discover Linux, I have found that Ultimate Edition just gives you a wider range of...
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    Re: POLL : your first reactions to the Unity interface

    I was not a fan at all hearing about Unity because I used it on my netbook and I wasn't sure if I wanted my laptop to feel like a giant netbook. But after a few hours getting use to it I and enjoying...
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    Poll: Re: preferred media player?

    Right now I must say hands down, Boxee. One of the biggest problems I had when I moved over to Linux from Windows was the lack of a good, polished media center with all of the bells and whistles that...
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    Re: TOP 10: Your Top Ten Packages To Install

    My must haves!!!

    1. Boxee ( media center )

    2. Songbird ( music and internet radio )

    3. Kdenlive ( video editing )

    4. GNOME Do
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    Re: One Cool Movie

    Beerfest, always makes me laugh on a sunny day:popcorn:
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    Re: Make Ubuntu Forums Beautiful

    Your right it is not about looks, information is key. However I am thanking from the view point of a noob or new user. When I was converted over from Windows, I loved the interface of Ubuntu and...
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    Re: Make Ubuntu Forums Beautiful

    Since I have only been using Ubuntu for a few years now I had the pleasure of watching it grow from the brown to the purple. One of the things I use to do right after any install was customize the...
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    Make Ubuntu Forums Beautiful

    One of the major highlights for me with the new look and feel of Ubuntu since 10.4 was the look and feel. I never had a problem with the brown, but I love the new wallpapers and the purple feel of...
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    Re: Why is Twilight So popular? :S

    I am not a huge fan of Twilight, but the formula of the film plays off the same idea as the Harry Potter books and films. It promotes reading which I am in favor of and the movies are like an old...
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    Poll: Re: Would you buy a game even if it costs $?

    One of the highlights of using Linux is the free games that you can enjoy at will. However if there was a Linux version of World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, or any other major game piped over to Linux...
  22. SD card not found in Ubuntu Netbook Remix (Lucid)

    I can say i am one of the lucky ones that upgraded to Lucid on my netbook with no problems what so ever, everything was perfect. With that said last week began having audio issues and since I use my...
  23. Re: Would You Consider Linux to be an OS or a way of Life

    Well friends, I have come to believe that Linux is just a kernel, and all of the wonderful distros that has come from it could be viewed as just n OS that has highly effected the lives of all that...
  24. Would You Consider Linux to be an OS or a way of Life

    Back in the day I was a Windows user by default until I discovered Linux like every other person in this forum. Before Ubuntu or Linux to be a little more general I never really thought about the...
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    Re: Tablets in, Netbooks out

    Now i have found one good use for a tablet that I believe will be a major selling point. Since the newspaper and magazine industry are trying to find new ways to stay in business in todays digital...
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