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  1. Re: Does mate desktop enviroment cut it? What's its future?

    Not trying to argue, and by all means, use what works for you. However, it seems there a LOT of folks out there these days that assume Gnome3 and Unity are "for touch screens" and immediately dismiss...
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    Re: How many of you love to touch type?

    Meh. I can do 55 WPM with two fingers and the odd thumb. For a sysadmin that's perfectly respectable. It would be great to learn to touch type, but sysadmins are known for be notoriously lazy, and...
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    Re: What kind of keyboard do you use?

    When not on one of my laptops, I use this one. Best KB I've ever owned and I've had several that cost several times as much as the Adesso
  4. Re: Does mate desktop enviroment cut it? What's its future?

    I've been thinking the same thing for a while now, but haven't yet said it straight out. It's rather bizarre, for sure.
  5. Re: Does mate desktop enviroment cut it? What's its future?

    1. Because eventually GTK2 will be dropped. Having both installed will not stay a long term solution.

    2. Because all the GTK applications will eventually be GTK3 and a desktop without...
  6. Re: Does mate desktop enviroment cut it? What's its future?

    Not to speak badly of alternate desktop choices or start any sort of wars here, but I would take that bet. I have serious doubts that MATE will be around even 2 years from now. Gnome 2 was dropped...
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    Re: Is Arch Linux for you?

    I'm just going to say it's definitely not for me these days. My desire to tweak minute system details and run the latest and greatest Linux apps as soon as they hit sourceforge was taken care of back...
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    Poll: Re: ThinkPad Owners Thread

    I have an older Z61p that's still chugging along. Other than a bad battery, it still works perfectly. Currently it resides at my girlfriend's house so I have a good box to use when I stay over there.
  9. [ubuntu] Re: firefox unusable small window size, can't resize

    Instead of apt-get upgrade give apt-get dist-upgrade a try. If that does not immediately resolve it, I would remove and reinstall firefox. It shouldn't mess with your settings at all since those are...
  10. Re: Now that the Unity hate has cooled down, how do you feel about the WM?

    Entitled much? Let me guess. You haven't supplied even one line of code for either Gnome or Unity, and you certainly aren't paying for either of them, yet like so many others you honestly think the...
  11. Re: Now that the Unity hate has cooled down, how do you feel about the WM?

    Glad Xfce is working out for you. As for ratpoison, I have tried it and used it for a couple months on two different occasions. It's a window manager, and a pretty good one, but it's not a desktop...
  12. [SOLVED] Re: Complete firefox uninstall - unable to revert firefox tweaks, need to fresh insta

    Pop open a terminal and move your old firefox directory out of the way. Doing a purge will remove all firefox system files, but it won't touch any of your local settings so after reinstall it's still...
  13. Re: Now that the Unity hate has cooled down, how do you feel about the WM?

    I have to agree. The keyboard control in Unity is first class. I switched over from a tiler, xmonad, after roughly two years of using it. Unity does some simple tiling, at least with two windows...
  14. Re: I just want to say how fun it is to install a perl module

    Instead of ranting and expecting a programming language of all things, to be rewritten just to be user friendly, why not just install the package that's already in the Ubuntu repos?

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    [SOLVED] Re: cron makes me grabby

    As has been said, your cron is set to run on the second minute of every hour. If you want it to run every 2 minutes or whatever, you would use a configuration like this

    */2 * * * *...
  16. [mythbuntu] Re: linux equivalent to windows device manager

    From the terminal you can list out your hardware using lspci and lsusb. Should give you something like what's below. Anything listed has been detected by the kernel and in a working state.

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    [ubuntu] Re: Delete Terminal history?

    Yep it'll work. That's a built-in of the bash shell so it doesn't matter what distro it is, as long as bash is the login shell.
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    Poll: Re: Do you keep your PC on 24/7 ?

    I only reboot for kernel updates. My latest desktop/workstation is a ZBox Nano and uses almost no power at all. I do have it set to suspend if inactive for over 3 hours, but that's more or less...
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    Sticky: [SOLVED] Re: Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

    Version: Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS 64bit

    Zotac Zbox Nano XS AD11...
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    Poll: Re: How ideological are you about Linux?

    "I support OSS but use a variety of tools"

    I'm a pragmatist. I will use what works best for my needs. If that happens to be OSS then that's terrific, and I'll certainly go out of my way to use...
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    Re: Good linux youtube channels?

    YES. I can't really stand to watch the most recent shows with the other host who I can't even recall his name at the moment. Chris has always been a little bit noob but is at least entertaining, and...
  22. Re: Now that the Unity hate has cooled down, how do you feel about the WM?

    I for one, am loving Unity. I've used xmonad the past 2+ years and what sold me on Unity is the keyboard navigation. It really is excellent. The dash and HUD are pretty sweet as well. I see the dash...
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