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  1. [ubuntu] Cinelerra works in 8.04, only with non RT kernel?

    Cinelerra (from Cinelerra Community Center)
    Ubuntu Studio 8.04

    Cinelerra works in Ubuntu Studio 8.04 but only with the Non-RT kernel. If I use the RT kernel, which was the default install kernel,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Cinelerra not working on Hardy

    There are a few posts that I made about the same problems on this post. I was able to run Cinelerra in User Mode on Ubunutu Studio 8.04 using the Non-Real Time kernel. If you install the Generic...
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    [ubuntu] Dazzle USB DVC drivers for Linux?

    Has anyone been able to get the Dazzle USB DVC devices to work to import analog video in Linux? If you have been able to get it to work, how did you do it and what drivers did you use or what...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Cinelerra installed, but non functional?

    Problem may be in using the RT kernel. Check to see what kernel you are running. If it is the RT kernel, then it only runs as root, unless you adjust other settings.

    > uname -a

    Use Synaptic...
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    [ubuntu] Re: any good movie maker for linux?

    This site has a ton of links for you to take a look at on applications that you can use not just for video, but...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubustu 8.04 setup

    Note that you may want to see if your hard disk is damaged. You can check the hard disk, install a live cd, boot into a command promt and run "fsck" or the right one for the filesystem partition. If...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Cinelerra crashes after 1 minute

    Read the manuals for Cinelerra on some settings that may help and some ways to use Cinelerra. There are several things that can make it crash, and one is running large video files, such as DV, that...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Cinelerra Installation Help

    I got it to install by using the instructions on Cinelerra Community Center. I added the " akirad-hardy main" to the sources in Synaptic Package Manager (under System ->...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Cinelerra installed, but non functional?

    You are not alone! The same thing happened to me too. I installed Cinelerra from the instructions given at the Cinelerra Community.

    The instructions for Ubuntu Studio 8.04 worked to install the...
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