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    [ubuntu] Re: libreoffice didn't save my work

    I've got the same problem, saved a document today in .docx with LibreOffice and several minutes later needed to go back to it and the document opened with a blank page! This was an important...
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    [ubuntu] Re: red exclamation mark in ubuntu

    I've got the same red exclamation point that keeps popping up even though when I ask to install updates it says everything is up to date. Tried the "select best server" route and, if I remember...
  3. Re: Guide how to change WPS Office for Linux(Kingsoft Office Chinese ver.) to English

    You have been extremely helpful, thanks very much! I would love to try using WPS Office, and I've used the change to get it into English, but now instead of everything being in Chinese, about half...
  4. Re: Guide how to change WPS Office for Linux(Kingsoft Office Chinese ver.) to English

    I'm getting these error messages in terminal, but it might be because I just remembered that I tried your solution a few weeks ago to get WPS into English and these messages might be because the fix...
  5. [SOLVED] Re: Canon iP2700 driver installation failure- dependency issues

    I think I've followed everything up to here but I'm getting these errors and don't know what to do now...
    E: Unable to locate package cnijfilter-common
    E: Unable to locate package...
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    [lubuntu] Re: Lost Ubuntu 12.10 sidebar

    I had the same problem trying to get Wine to work and all of a sudden everything went berserk and I had no sidebar, no terminal, no dash, colors were wrong and it took me two hours to figure out that...
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    [ubuntu] Re: No battery indicator on the menu

    I tried this:

    Go to (System -> Preferences -> Power manager-> General)
    Make sure "always display icon" it checked

    And my box was checked, but there was still no battery indicator. However,...
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