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  1. Re: mass downloading files with wget

    The reason they are locked. You will need to log in. Is on their front page.

    That being said if you can get a list of filenames you should be able to wget in a for loop or something.
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu PXE Server in KVM libvirt won't forward client IP to internet

    You need some nftables / iptables settings to get from the internal 192.168.1.* to the 192.168.122.* lan / gateway. The ip_forward toggle just allows it to forward. Still have to tell it WHAT to...
  3. Re: SAMBA Host allow with dynamic dns such as no-ip?

    Can you use sshfs to mount the remote location locally? Then just use it like any other local files stem. Sure safer than Samba
  4. Re: How far does DELL customize Ubuntu on its machines (if at all)?

    Without knowing the arrangement here my first statement would be not to bother checking with Dell. Check with your employer as technically it is their machine, not yours. Even if you can do your work...
  5. Re: How is ZFS coming in Ubuntu's development of it?

    Not sure anyone can give a definitive answer. "When it's ready" seems to be the general answer for most open source projects. That being said it's highly anticipated, I'm sure they aren't dragging...
  6. [all variants] Re: No mount NAS share in fstab. Did I do something wrong?

    You have a space at the uid. No spaces.
  7. [kubuntu] Re: 21.10 - QEMU GPU Passthrough - GPU Driver Issue?

    I suspect you aren't doing passthrough correctly. If it's done right the host shouldn't even see the other gpu as usable.

    Here is a guide that worked for me. Virtual gaming machine with PCI...
  8. Re: Where do I put scripts to make them work?

    If I may. Something I didn't figure out till after awhile. You can run the entire script with a single sudo.


    apt update
    apt upgrade
    apt --purge autoremove

    Execute via
  9. Re: Lubuntu - root password at install time?

    I'm not sure if there is a policy on this for the forum but you just set one.

    sudo -i

    Then once under root...

  10. Re: Please help NAS + USB thumb drives + Raid 6

    I'm sorry to hear that. My dad is dealing with Multiple Myeloma right now. Stage 4 I think. Doing well at the moment but who knows how long that will last.

    Install it then add the drives to your...
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    Re: PXE boot into RAM

    Go to

    This automates damn near the whole process. I gave up trying to piece it together myself long time ago and found this. It works quite well, even full desktops. Is just a...
  12. Re: Please help NAS + USB thumb drives + Raid 6

    I apologize. I think you misunderstood that link. I didn't post it about media center specifically, rather that is where I first found out about mergerfs and snapraid.

    Mergerfs is more of a...
  13. Re: Please help NAS + USB thumb drives + Raid 6

    If I may, do not use Raid. As mentioned above other than testing something out doing it with usb is just a bad plan asking for problems. Look for a software called mergerfs. That will pool the drives...
  14. Re: How to merge multiple .mp4 files

    The main issue is the mp4. Run them through Handbrake to get mkv's. Then it's easy as linux works with open formats easily. mkvtoolnix or mkvmerge will work just fine then. If you want to go back to...
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    Re: Questions on my backup strategy

    Got full and older than in the script I wrote :)

    global_backup_func() {
    # create current backup #
    duplicity \
    --exclude-if-present .nobackup \
    --no-encryption \
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    Re: Questions on my backup strategy

    I've been tinkering with a Duplicity script that I have backing up various things on my system. Easy for any user to restore their files from via the Deja-Dup gui. I'm liking it.

    I've tested...
  17. [all variants] Re: Apt --purge autoremove fails to remove some things.

    Is only reason I posted. I'd have never known if I didn't reboot and see the Xubuntu splash.[/COLOR]
  18. [all variants] Re: Apt --purge autoremove fails to remove some things.

    Which is it?

    I ask why it doesn't remove everything it installed you say this.

    I show that it removes packages and you say this.
  19. [all variants] Re: Apt --purge autoremove fails to remove some things.

    Meta packages aren't supposed to remove packages. I get the concept. Does not equal reality, at least on this installation.


    sudo apt --purge autoremove xubuntu-desktop
  20. [all variants] Apt --purge autoremove fails to remove some things.

    I was fiddling about with Xfce the other day and ended up removing it. Running focal vanilla otherwise.

    sudo apt --purge autoremove xubuntu-desktop

    Problem was it left stuff behind. In this...
  21. [SOLVED] Re: Any way to make a full clone and/or image of mounted running drive? (running 21.0

    Fair enough. I've never had a bad update that I've been aware of of but I guess it can happen. Especially if a large number of ppa's are in use. Thank you for that.
  22. [SOLVED] Re: Any way to make a full clone and/or image of mounted running drive? (running 21.0

    If you use LVM, BTRFS, or ZFS you can do a snapshot. Then mount the snapshot and back it up while the original is still humming away doing it's job.

    Are you sure a full clone is the way to go...
  23. [SOLVED] Re: Root crontab not running at all.

    You are correct on Environment. I just found it. I had a root check to run. Removing this allowed it to work.

    if [ "$USER" = root ] ; then

    I'm not sure why that didn't work when I know I had...
  24. [SOLVED] Re: Root crontab not running at all.

    I got an echo to pipe to a test file with and without full path. Nothing more complex though. Even a straight duplicity command (with or without full path) doesn't run. I went ahead and figured out a...
  25. [SOLVED] Root crontab not running at all.

    The script works manually. On the root crontab it doesn't even run. Doesn't even enter the log that it tried or anything.

    # cat root # DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE - edit the master and reinstall.
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