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    Re: Maemo or Android? Nokia N900 released

    I had a n800 for a while that ran maemo (n810 only without a keyboard). I didn't care for it much, the specs on the device were too low and the usable apps were limited even after debian was ported...
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    [ubuntu] Re: HOW TO Install Fuppes on Ubuntu 8.10

    when i run sudo make i get this error:
    [libtranscoder_ffmpeg_la-ffmpeg.lo] Error 1
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    rip xbox 360 games in linux?

    i have some xbox 360 games that i own and would like to make legal backups of. in windows i used xbox backup creator with my kreon drive, how do you do this in linux? i tried doing dd if=/dev/dvd...
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    [ubuntu] mt2s>wmv w/ 5.1 audio?

    so i've got a windows home server box that i'm thinking about switching over to ubuntu server. the main thing i use it for is storing media and converting blu-ray disks that i own to .wmv with 5.1...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: best program for converting .avi to wmv on ubuntu

    in winff go to edit>presets click on the xbox 360 preset and increase the bitrate from 1200kb to something higher.
  6. [other] Re: brand new ubuntu studio 8.10 no network manger?

    i just did what you guys said and installed the gnome network thing but i'm still not getting anything. in the network manager thing in the start menu it only shows network loopback for lan and no...
  7. [xubuntu] Xubuntu wont recognise cf ide drive?

    I've got an old 400mhz desktop that i'm trying to set up as a home server using this guide so far I've...
  8. Re: HOWTO: Replace Nautilus with PCMan (4 Steps, No Fuss).

    i'm not exactly sure what to change. can someone edit my default.session and post it back here?

    # This is the default session that is launched if the user doesn't
    # already have a session.
  9. [ubuntu] better disk i/o for 8.04 on usb disk?

    i've got a dell e1505 laptop, 2Gb ram, and 8.04 installed to a 8Gb usb flash drive. i don't really use any ram intensive programs and don't have swap space assigned. so my question is there an easy...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: error loading b43 drivers prevents 8.04 from booting?

    i added "blacklist b43" "blacklist b43-phy0" and ""blacklist b43/ucode5" in the blacklist file but no matter what i try it still won't load anything more than the background and the mouse cursor. ...
  11. [ubuntu] error loading b43 drivers prevents 8.04 from booting?

    installed 8.04 to a 8Gb usb flash drive on my dell e1505 laptop. ran off the live cd no problem but when it boots the install off the usb it loads the desktop background and the cursor but won't do...
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