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    [ubuntu] How to COMPLETELY FORMAT a Hard Drive?

    I have 2 hard drives at the moment.
    1. Internal Laptop HDD - I have 2 partitions, one partitions works just fine, other don't, but I extracted all my datats from the one that doesn't.

    2. I have...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Installing Ubuntu on USB, booting from the same USB.

    No no, thats exactly what I am not trying to do, because I have important files in there which I am trying to retrieve through testdisk, but won't let me as the "Try Out" version seems to have space...
  3. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu on USB, booting from the same USB.

    So I have installed the 12.10 ubuntu iso on my portable HDD.
    It boots up, and it always comes up with the menu saying "try ubuntu" or "install ubuntu".

    I tried to Install Ubuntu, but it said my...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Recovering partition with TestDisk.

    Thanks, for the response.

    I have a bootable USB, windows 8 install/repair menu does boot from the usb, but again it just freezes, I literally tried everything, so the only thing I could do now is...
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    [ubuntu] Recovering partition with TestDisk.

    So I suffered from an unfixable WIndows 8 problem which wasn't even fixable by recover disk.

    So I installed Ubuntu on my portable HDD, so now I am currently on Ubuntu.
    I installed Testdisk to...
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