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  1. Graphics problems with new ThinkPad T450 and Ubuntu 14.10 Gnome

    I bought Lenovo ThinkPad T450 with hope that it would work straight out of the box, most ThinkPads have really great support early on imo. But this laptop isn't really coping with me.

    The problem...
  2. [gnome] Re: No Option To Change Window Theme in Gnome-Tweak-Tool

    I have installed a new Ubuntu Gnome desktop (13.10) and I also miss this option. I'm running another machine where this option is still there.

    Strange, help?
  3. Thread: Best hex editor?

    by qetuR

    Re: Best hex editor?

    This one is really good actually. Great job! :guitar:
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    [ubuntu] Re: Problem with alsa-driver-linuxant on Maverick

    Same problem.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Acer Timeline 4810TG on Jaunty - ATI Driver

    Yeah, I use 64 bit. I have not experienced any odd things. I wont be expecting it either because I can use all the application I want today. Flash works, Java works with OpenJDk, all the compilers...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Acer Timeline 4810TG on Jaunty - ATI Driver

    After a couple of weeks with this laptop, i find it very good. I like absolutely everything.

    I even got a proper way to use the graphics, it's not as good as in Windows, but atleast it works.

  7. Re: El Classico: No sound in flash... Even after reinstall.

    THANKS ALOT! Started working directly after trying your first link. Awesome! (I have already tried FLASH-AID, as stated in topic) :) But thanks anyway.

    Edit: A bit quick there. The sound works, as...
  8. El Classico: No sound in flash... Even after reinstall.

    The topic that creeps people out. Maybe I'm screwed, but lets hope not.

    I'm gonna give you as much info as I know is needed.

    Acer TimeLineX 3820TG. ATI HD 5850 and Realtek Semiconductor Corp....
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    [ubuntu] Re: Eclipse C++ compiling

    Got the same error, and I just renamed the file. Tried to run it, and it worked. Then I tried to rename the file to the original name, and that worked to.

    Wonder what kinda crazy bug that was, but...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Acer Timeline 4810TG on Jaunty - ATI Driver

    Everything works? Well, at least the graphic switching...?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Acer Aspire Timeline X 3820T

    Hi! I'm planning on buying this laptop, well not precise this, but 3820TG, and I needed to check how it works with Ubuntu systems. And I must say that I think it looks good, compared to the problems...
  12. Re: HOWTO: Keep your theme consistent when running apps as root.

    I have newly made a fresh install of Ubuntu 9.04 (JJ), but I can't use these commands. .themes doen't exist in /root.

    How should I do?

    EDIT: Ah, just make the two last commands, since .themes...
  13. [ubuntu] Wrong icons in "Places". Though, the icons exist.


    I have a problem that I don't know how to get around, seems like a simple problem. And the easiest way to describe it is through showing you a picture of it.
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    Re: What text editor for LaTeX?

    I'd say that you should install the TEX packages; texlive,-base and -common. And install Kile, Kile looks very similar to Texnic Center I'd say.

    Boath in repo. Just download and have a look.
  15. [ubuntu] Problems with avant-windows-navigator, when installing applet package!


    I'm trying to install the awn-extras-applets-trunk for my avant-window-navigator. I have followed all the install settings on this homepage:...
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    [xubuntu] Re: Anything out there as good as utorrent ?

    Yeah, it maybe does, but! What if many of the big torrents sites have such big restrictions on which client to be allowed, once example is Bitmetv that doesn't allow Deluge. And if you are on 64bit,...
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