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  1. [ubuntu] Re: KVM doesn't start anymore after update to 10.04

    starman5, I recently posted something that might be of help:
  2. [SOLVED] Virt-manager picks wrong qcow2/raw format for new VMs (No bootable device.)

    OS: Kubuntu 10.04
    Virt-manager 0.8.2 using libvirt and qemu/kvm

    I recently loaded a qcow2 virtual hard drive image into a new virtual machine that I created with with virt-manager. I...
  3. Replies

    Re: MythTV Backend Can't Open HVR-1250

    I had the same problem you did. After a lot of digging I finally found the answer.

    Kubuntu 10.04 (64 bit)

    My card says WinTV-HVR 1250 but when I run the commands to get info after installation...
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