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    [UbuntuGnome] Making my own distro.

    Hi, I want to make my own version of Ubuntu so I customized the entire OS to the way I wanted it. I know what Ubuntu Builder is BUT I checked and the developer ended it but I found link on Softpedia...
  2. Re: Accidentally installed ubuntu on window 8.1

    Yeah Ubuntu erased all the partitions and everything so you need to buy a Windows 8.1 disc.
  3. Re: Just installed Ubuntu...where did Windows 8 go?

    Try going into your boot menu by hitting the correct key(It's different for each manufacturer) and you should see a list check for something that says "Windows Boot Manager" or something related to...
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    Re: Kali Linux - Live boot - Kernel Panic

    The problem might be that the iso image wasn't written to the USB stick correctly so you could try again. If that dosen't work try a different program to put the iso onto the usb stick like...
  5. Poll: Re: Share with us your Saucy (13.10) Upgrade & Installation Experiences

    It worked fine but if you want to dual boot you have to do it manually so you have to make the partitions manually on Windows 8. On other computers without Windows 8 it gives you a choice to do...
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    Re: Please help grub wont let pc boot

    The boot menu key is F9
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    Re: Please help grub wont let pc boot

    I have the same issue right now this is how I boot into Windows 8. If you need to boot into Windows 8 then right when your computer starts go into your boot menu. Depending on your computer there...
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