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  1. Re: Ubuntu 18 headless server Samba share with windows 10 enterprise

    As uneducated as I am (in most things but not all) it seems to me that you are describing a Windows 10 problem. This may help. See the third possible answer.
  2. Re: Upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04 without affecting installed software

    This is what the manual page for apt-get says about dis-upgrade

    The dis-upgrade command does not upgrade one version of Ubuntu to a newer version.

    This is the official method to upgrade...
  3. Re: Need Procedure for Downgrading Kernel

    Once you get the system running on the 5.4 kernel do not use Software Updater to update/upgrade the system. Use the terminal.

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt upgrade

    Software Updater will bring in...
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    Re: Repeating Display

    When you installed Ubuntu did you tick the box Install third party software? If you did then you will be using a proprietary video driver. What video card do you have in that machine. How much of its...
  5. Re: Win 8: Can this be fixed / anything recovered?

    Those three partitions (sda2; sda3; sda4) are not showing any part of them as being Used. I suggest that you need Windows tools to work on this drive & operating system. You need advice from a...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Gnome permission to delete my files?

    Gnome Mail is in the Ubuntu app store (Software). Read the reviews. It seems to be an email client for Gmail. All email clients will need to be able to delete emails from the server. Whether it is...
  7. Re: How does the new malformed URL prefix phishing tactic work?

    You are running your tests on URLs that lead to genuine web sites. What if, these researchers are running their tests with URLs that lead to actual scam web sites? Then what they are witnessing is...
  8. Re: How does the new malformed URL prefix phishing tactic work?

    Might I suggest as a line of enquiry and not wishing to slander any organisation, that you are testing this out on the wrong (or should that be, right) operating system? You are using the wrong (or...
  9. [SOLVED] Re: I cannot install debhelper in an almost fresh install

    According to this web site the repository is focal main

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    [ubuntu] Re: Repository Confusion

    With Linux there is always more than one way to do something. In my opinion, this has become less complicated over the years with Ubuntu. We can use the command line or we can use a utility with a...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Updating friendly recovery


    sudo update-grub

    And see if that get you loading Windows. To update through the terminal

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt upgrade
  12. [SOLVED] Re: sizing impossible to the main partition of Ubuntu

    I have two hard drives. One is MBR partitioned format with an Extended partition and Logical partitions inside it. One of these partitions contains a version of Ubuntu (20.10). And the drive also has...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu/FreeBSD

    I will ask the obvious question. Did you run

    sudo update-grub

    You say this

    Does FreeBSD appear in the Grub menu? Are you pointing Grub to the right partition? FreeBSD is on sda4. Grub...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Failure to Boot

    Have you loaded with the 4.4 kernel and then run update/upgrade (or run Software Updater)? It might or might not help if you used Software & Updates>Additional drivers to revert to using an open...
  15. Re: Redimensionnement impossible de ma partition Ubuntu

    Following on from what was said above. I suggest that you move partition 4 to the left so that the available space (espace disponible) is in front of partition 3 (partition entendue). Then expand...
  16. Re: System booting issue after abruptly shutting down whil someone was trying ssh on

    The login splash screen is called GDM or GDM3. Gnome Display manager. A search in the file manager will show references to GDM in many folders some of which will require administrator (root)...
  17. [xubuntu] Re: Xbunto remain stable eve after updating.

    So, what does Microsoft include in an update? I know every new release of Windows requires ever more powerful hardware. But what technical evidence is there that an update to Windows 10 will...
  18. Re: How to programmatically try logging into Ubuntu 20.04

    You start off by asking us to imagine someone locked out of a workstation. There is a way to overcome that if a person has physical access to the machine. Now. you have moved on to asking us how to...
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    Re: Questions about users management

    The first user installed during the install process has administrator privileges, That user can install other users and give them administrator privileges or not. Every user who has administrator...
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    Re: New Install Grub Rescue

    Did you choose Erase disk & install Ubuntu or Something else. If it was something else that you chose did you select a device for the boot loader installation? Default should be sda. Do you have more...
  21. Re: apt upgrade breaks the nvidia drivers

    When we install Ubuntu and tick the box to install third part software then third party video drivers are installed. That is how you got the Nvidia drivers in the first place along with Nvidia System...
  22. Re: Software updater - no password

    With my install of Ubuntu 20.04 Software Updater will ask for authentication when a Linux kernel is to be upgraded. I do not see why Lubuntu should be any different as the Lubuntu developers rely on...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: I WAS HACKED WHILE UPGRADING TO 20.04! Suggestions needed!

    I am sure that you know more about this than I do and have tried many things that I would not have known about. Let me review your situation. Need to use your computer for work and to finish a...
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    Re: Not new to ubuntu yet.

    Excuse me, but you do not say that you installed Ubuntu to the SSD. To you it is obvious that you would do so. We can only go by what you actually say. Did you use the Erase disk and install Ubuntu...
  25. Re: Laptop with Zorin Ubuntu doesnt start. Is it broken?

    Is Zorin the only operating system on that machine? If it is not, do you get a Grub boot menu? If Zorin is the only OS we can bring up the Grub boot menu by pressing shift during the laptop's early...
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