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  1. Thread: ATI cards

    by SkeeterBum

    [ubuntu] ATI cards

    I am starting to get headaches trying to figure this all out.

    What I want to do is get my 4 graphics cards bitcoin mining for me again but on ubuntu. I have finally managed to get ubuntu to...
  2. [ubuntu] Getting my all my graphics cards all in a row, Cannot recognize mult GFX card

    So I recently formatted my HDD for fun while I was running windows (no it was not fun). So I decided to go back and try my hand at ubuntu again. I have used it before for about a year on a laptop and...
  3. [ubuntu] Missing Plug-ins on Blackboard, Firefox plugin finder, finds nothing

    As the title states I am trying to view something on BB, what I do not know. They are lecture notes but could be powerpoint, pdf, word. I'm not sure. The problem basically is I go to blackboard click...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: new install on new in box computer, really happy. But wifi will not work

    What i have no figured out is that i have a intel centrino wireless-n 1000 card, I am trying to use ndiswrapper to utilize my existing windows driver but I am still having some problems because of...
  5. [ubuntu] new install on new in box computer, really happy. But wifi will not work

    Hello everyone,

    First time user of any linux based system. I just installed 11.10 a little bit ago and I seem to have everything in line except, I cannot seem to get the wifi to work properly. ...
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