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    Re: how to use ubuntu desktop without console?

    Nonsense! FUD.

    You "need" to use the terminal about as often as a Windows user does. There are operations that are done in the cmd window in Windows, but they are usually rather esoteric things...
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    [xubuntu] Re: New user Guideline for Ubantu


    Your question is very hard to understand. Could you explain a bit more?

    By the way, it's Ubuntu
  3. Thread: VPN setup at home

    by QIII

    Re: VPN setup at home

    Moved to its own thread from here.

    Please do not hijack the threads of other users. That inevitably causes confusion as people try to help and end up answering two questions at once. Both you...
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    Re: Instability in Ubuntu 18.04

    Perhaps the person "disappeared" because they have a real life to attend to and that is more important to them sometimes than volunteering here? Might they be sick, or traveling or on a business...
  5. [lubuntu] Re: Lubuntu as default system (no screen for BIOS)

    Duplicate of

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    Re: What are you listening to right now?

    A beautiful rendition of Ave Maria in a train station
  7. Thread: 21.10

    by QIII

    Re: 21.10

    Moved to Ubuntu Development Version
  8. [ubuntu_mate] Re: How to route traffics(through wifi-connections) by domain name(desktop)?

    Is the two person limit a part of the ToS of access to the game?
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    [SOLVED] Re: Can i install ubuntu to a new Disk?

    @rookie69 --

    Please use the default font and color unless you need to draw attention to a particular part of your post. Even then, I would suggest italics or bold for the sake of those with...
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    [SOLVED] Re: problem with radeon and driver

    The user has a Kaveri APU with an AMD R7 GPU.

    If there is actually an NVIDIA unit as well in a hybrid system configuration, one or the other will have to be black listed in the BIOS/EFI and the...
  11. Re: Do I need an actual mac to write iphone apps or can I just use a virtualbox or EC

    While you can install any OS you wish on Apple hardware, Apple's EULA forbids installing their OSes on anything but Apple hardware. A VM is not Apple hardware, therefore an installation in a VM...
  12. Re: Please assist with getting Psiphon Server running

    We do not support the circumvention of the laws of any jurisdiction. Psiphon is specifically designed for censorship circumvention in localities where such is imposed.

    We are not in the business...
  13. Thread: changing the OS

    by QIII

    Re: changing the OS

    Are you talking about native Linux applications or Windows applications? Linux is not Windows. Windows applications cannot be installed on Linux except as I describe below. Installation of...
  14. Re: I have a problem with istalaltion of a Grafic Card amd hd radeon 7750

    amdgpu does not work with that GPU.

    When Ubuntu is installed, the installer loads the correct module to drive the GPU. In the case of AMD products, that is either the open source radeon module or...
  15. Thread: Formatting DVD

    by QIII

    [ubuntu] Re: Formatting DVD

    I think what monkyebrain20122 is trying to say is that if you downloaded the iso and have it on your hard drive somewhere, you don't need to create a DVD to install it in a VM. When setting up the...
  16. Re: Tricky links in e-book application (children education)

    The answer to your bottom line question is: "Maybe".

    We don't know what that .exe does, how it does it, etc. It is probably quite simple and straight forward -- if you only knew what it was...
  17. Re: Xsession: warning: unable to write to /tmp

    Moved to its own thread from here.

    Please do not hijack the threads of other users. Both you and they deserve individual attention.

    Hijacking inevitably leads to confusion as different...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Kernel 5.13 broke my Ubuntu 21.10 on RPI4 8Gb

    The developers will not see this. This is not a report.

    The developers do not hang out here. This is a peer-to-peer user support forum.

    Please look here for instructions on how to report bugs.
  19. Re: New information on how to become a Ubuntu Member

    Membership can be granted with long-term and consistent contributions to the Forums. We have been doing that for many years. There is no technical contribution requirement for that.

    I don't see...
  20. Re: when installing Geant4 with multi-threading , gives the eror of something of linu


    Please do not embed large images. Some of our users have slow connections and some pay for data. Large images may load slowly or even cost users money.

    Also, please enclose all...
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    Re: Backup, Backup, Backup...Please Help


    We all get frustrated at times. However, I would suggest that you remember that all of us here are volunteers giving our time as we have it to give. We are not employees...
  22. [SOLVED] Re: Conky text overwriting itself on the desktop

    I suspect that you may have your conky running in more than one instance. As soon as you changed the background, you covered on or the other up, so it looks "good" except for the black background.
  23. Re: Two great app are not included in Ubuntu

    Again: Despite the fact youtube-dl is available in the repos, downloading videos from Youtube isn't something we support here.

    Please read
  24. Re: Two great app are not included in Ubuntu

    As a reminder: Despite the fact youtube-dl is available in the repos, downloading videos from Youtube isn't something we support here.

    Please read
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    Re: Prohibited sign meaning?


    What keyboard are you using? Have you recently tried to use the media keys?
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