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  1. Re: I failed to install indicator-brightness on ubuntu 20


    sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:indicator-brightness/ppa
    as the PPA is now dead.
    It also only worked for the old unity desktop which Ubuntu no longer uses.

    As for anything that might...
  2. Re: Trouble nagivating to /home directory in terminal

    You were already in home.
    The ~ symbol is symbolic of your home directory.
    You did however move into the /var/log directory.
    To move back to home simply run cd without anything else.
    use the...
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    Re: New official kernel for 18.04 LTS?

    Latest GA kernel available for 18.04 is 4.15.0-158.
    Presumably the implied Fix for the bug was built into it.
    Disabling kernel updates would mean you removed or set as held the linux-generic, or...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Where are flatpak apps installed?

    I get unknown option for that command.
    But flatpak apps are downloaded and installed to /var/lib/flatpak/app.

    Read more on flatpak's here:...
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    Re: changing the OS

    Thread moved to MINT
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    Re: Apache2 failed to start

    What code?
    You mean the code in post #2?
    I would think it's to see some very basic information about the system and the apache2 version installed.

    That said if you use the systemctl command as...
  7. Re: Wireless and wired network UNCLAIMED after switching to open source display drive

    Look at the logs to see what else was removed during the purging.
    At least for Ubuntu package management look in /var/log/apt, there are two files, history.log and term.log.
    Look at history.log as...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Kernel version upgrade procedure.

    It doesn't say anything about 5.4.0-84 being installed.
    The command only lists what current kernel would be available, not which are installed.

    It would mark which are installed clearly like this...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Kernel version upgrade procedure.

    Have you rebooted yet?
    Kernel updates require a reboot in order to load the new kernel.

    apt-get upgrade is the weakest (or some say safest) apt-get command as it only updates packages...
  10. Re: how disable folder being mounted how partition ?

    I believe the location relates to fuse.portal, which is what allows you to access your files in flatpak and maybe snap programs.
    +1 to leave it be.

    Edit: Your issue is with Double Commander.
  11. Re: Errors upgrading latest wine (staging) 6.17~focal-1

    Mirror sync in progress usually means the mirror is being updated.
    So usually good to wait a moment and try again.
    Run the sudo apt update command first though.
  12. [SOLVED] Re: apt list --upgradable offers me php7.2* when I already have php7.3.19

    So it's from source then?
  13. [SOLVED] Re: apt list --upgradable offers me php7.2* when I already have php7.3.19

    Where did the php7.3 version that come from?
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    Re: Swap partition/file in new install

    No need to mess around and make more swap on a system that already has swap setup.
    You can use the free command to see how much you have and how much is currently in use.
    You can run it with the...
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    Re: Don't understand message in Terminal

    The command

    sudo apt-get upgrade
    does not install new packages.

    Running the command ActionParsnip posted,

    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
    command will install new packages.
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    [xubuntu] Re: Why is this failing?

    See what

    getent group | grep 124
    shows for the group.

    What does getfacl show for /home/bill?

    Also what is the file system's mount situation,
    look at what
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    [SOLVED] Re: canon pixma mp980

    You need the gutenprint driver package.

    sudo apt install printer-driver-gutenprint
    The packages was part of the recommends for the cups package and thus installed with cups automatically, but...
  18. [SOLVED] Re: Any idea why "wine" wants to remove so many packages?

    Does only wine do that or do other packages list so much to remove when trying to install them?
    (or when you simulate to install them)
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    Re: packages have been kept back

    If using apt-get then the upgrade option does this, and you can try using the dist-upgrade option.
    You can also use the apt command and upgrade will install those, usually.

    sudo apt-get upgrade...
  20. Re: I'm getting signaled there are updates available, however I've already updated

    Is it still the same output?
    Look at the settings for motd, or more specifically update-motd,
    Files are located in /etc/update-motd.
    Related package is base-files.

    See if this gives you...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Missing SDL header: SDL2/SDL_ttf.h

    Header files come with the -dev packages

    sudo apt install libsdl2-ttf-dev
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    Re: Gnome-Tweaks And Broken Packages

    Your output doesn't show focal-updates.
    Is it enabled?

    Open the Software and Updates app and go to the section Updates.
    See if the Recommended Updates is checked or not.
    If not checked, check...
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    Re: Gnome-Tweaks And Broken Packages

    Post the full outputs for

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt full-upgrade
    Use Code Tags,
    see this post on how to use code tags:
  24. [ubuntu] Re: Update-initramfs keeps failing: missing modules.builtin.modinfo

    There are some 5.3 kernels available within the 18.04 archives.
    Though they aren't tied to any meta-packages like the 4.15 or 5.4 packages are.
    They might have been tied to the hwe packages at some...
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    Re: Installing Another App Using Wine?

    Where does it tell you that it needs to be uninstalled?
    You should be able to just install the app you want the same as you did the first app.
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