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  1. [SOLVED] Re: sudoedit - how to use it correctly? (19.04)

    Try using vi or emacs. Lots of folks swear by those.
  2. Re: How can I print a PDF on a smaller scale in the middle of the page?

    This may not be exactly what you are looking for, but it is the only thing I could come up with. Do the following from the PDF viewer program (mine is Atril) -
    Ctrl-P to bring up the Print...
  3. Re: Mouse Cursor randomly Jumping , scrolling and clicking corners

    1fallen is asking for you to show the results of lsmod |grep -i razermouse when run from the command line in a terminal window (between the code lines.) For example:

    $ lsmod |grep bluetooth...
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    Re: Burning DVD with Brasero...

    Try using xfburn instead.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Wifi not connecting on 16.06


    Reread step 2. 'Disable wireless energy management....'
    Substitute power for energy - you will figure what it means.
  6. Re: How to adjust time it takes to turn off screen when Ubuntu is locked?

    Maybe you can find this one of some use,
    or if that doesn't help, here are links to all topics related to Display & Screen,...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Is it using any non-open-source drivers?

    For inquiring minds, refer to this link for information about AMD amdgpu-pro,
  8. Re: Which desktop component/notebook brands have good compatibility with Ubuntu?

    You can get Linux pre-installed from these companies. You know the components are linux-compatable if it has been pre-installed.

    There are probably...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Epson XP-355 Scanning issues

    Using SimpleScan, to the right of the Scan widget there is a down arrow that opens a drop down list, click on the radio button for Photo. Scan, crop as necessary, and save.
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    Re: Increasingly slow boot - no errors

    Maybe the slowness is due to the effect of the recent cpu microcode updates.
  11. Thread: 2 Network Icons

    by him610

    Re: 2 Network Icons

    Be sure to backup your important data, and you have a Plan B in case something goes awry.
    Make sure both of your identical icons link to the same program (networks, etc.)
    On Xubuntu desktop (yours...
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    [lxde] Re: Computer hangs, video related issue

    Your GFX is somewhat long in the tooth. You have loaded the open source driver, Nouveau; there may be other issues though. Normally, it would use the nvidia proprietary driver. 304.128, but I don't...
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    Re: Thinkpad T460s + 19.04 = No Bluetooth?

    What makes you think this? From what I have discovered, the Intel 8087:0a2b is paired with Intel 8265/8275 adapters, not the 8260 device; although, I could be wrong.

    How about displaying the...
  14. Re: install TL-WN823N under linux ubuntu 10.04 on a NUC EBOX-3310MX-L3U4 from DMP Ele

    Operation is very good using ?buntu 19.04 or 19.10. See my post,
  15. Re: Intel 9260 cannot detect networks after Pop OS update, Pop OS 19.04

    Welcome to the forums sideburns28.
    Having been moved from the Networking & Wireless forum, I don't know how much expert help you are going to get, but the networking gurus do stop in sometimes. With...
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    [SOLVED] Reboot vs Shutdown, Wait, Start

    Reboot vs Shutdown, Wait, Start

    RE: TP-Link TL WN823N RTL8192EU
    Issue: TL WN823N fails to establish wireless connection upon reboot of system

    I have owned the referenced USB network adapter...
  17. Re: Keyboard not working on restart (grub selection menu) + clock problem too....

    From a legacy motherboard (Bios=2008)manual....
  18. Re: Keyboard not working on restart (grub selection menu) + clock problem too....

    This is from my motherboard (recent) manual....

    IMHO, I don't think anything is wrong with the keyboard. If its operation is satisfactory in one OS then it works. There is probably a configuration...
  19. Re: What happens when using ubuntu and the notebook battery runs out?

    Go into the Power Manager and set it for power save mode.
  20. Re: Hi everyone looking for a little help with setting up a Samba file sharing Box

    A couple of months ago, I found this website helpful,
  21. Re: 18.04.2 - Help a Ubuntu/Linux noob get a Radeon HD 7850 working

    You did not state which driver is loaded for the graphics adapter.
    If you are satisfied with performance then keep what you have.
  22. Re: Dell Studio Hybrid 140g video driver questions...?

    You might want to take a look at this,
  23. Re: Need some guidance to be able to go on my own: BIOS and partitions

    Welcome to the forums, Pedro_Teixeira_Spinola

    Don't know your level of computer literacy so I began with basics. Feel free to skip if you already know subjects in links.
    Start here,...
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    Re: Cannot print with Ubuntu 19.04 on OKI

    Don't know Oki, but am familiar with Brother and Dell.
    Was this a new installation of 19.04 or an upgrade from 18.04?
    It may be necessary to reinstall the correct printer driver after an upgrade.
  25. Re: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 wifi disapears, Zorin 12.4

    Congratulations on the apparent fix. Good luck on your exam. Please mark your issue as closed in the thread tools.
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