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  1. Re: Keyring passwords visible after login without second password prompt

    Just tried this on fresh Ubuntu 12.04, still shows passwords in clear text with no prompt for 'sudo' password.


    Epic fail.

    sudo apt-get remove seahorseStill annoys me that...
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    Re: How to install Amazon MP3 app on 10.04

    I'll have to check to make sure, but I can think of a few reasons. One, I don't use a music player on my Ubuntu box - I have a squeezebox to play my music, but occasionally will use Amazon MP3 to...
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    [SOLVED] Re: tired of searching , Please help ?

    Looks like you've got a local mirror selected for your updates. Might be worth setting this to the main server :

    Start Synaptic, go to menu Settings/Respositories, then change "Download From" box...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Buying a new laptop, what works well with Ubuntu?

    If you're in the states, System 76 and Dell both offer Ubuntu pre-built. Otherwise, there's an official Canonical initiative for this here :

    And the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: tired of searching , Please help ?

    I see the error complains about b43 firmware. One quick search later...

    From that, it looks like you might be fixed in a few hours,...
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    Re: Mouse Moves Itsel On FPS Games

    sadohound, you rock. This was doing my head in. I've just bought Amnesia and got this problem... thought it was just Amnesia. But then I tried Penumbra, which was working, and discovered it was...
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    Re: VisualBoyAdvance for Ubuntu?

    Visualboyadvance-gtk is in the repos. I've not used any of the (many) others. Search for "emulator" and you'll get a taste of what's on offer.
  8. Thread: Onlive

    by scaine

    Re: Onlive

    You all very much seem to be missing the point here. Yeah, you're renting for 5 dollars a month, and yes, you also pay again for each game you want to play, but :

    You can play on a netbook with...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: how to find who all tried to connect to my system?

    @kumarldh : if you're still keen on fixing this, give x11vnc a try. Just apt-get it from the repos, then in a terminal, type :

    x11vnc -usepw

    You'll be prompted to create a password, after...
  10. Re: Keyring passwords visible after login without second password prompt

    Evening all. Thought I'd resurrect this thread (which I notice has now been renamed - thank goodness), since there's been a new version of Seahorse released in the last day or so which might well...
  11. Re: Keyring passwords visible after login without second password prompt

    It remains much, much simpler to un-install Seahorse. For the once a year I might find myself wanting to use Seahorse, I can always install it again briefly.
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    [all variants] Re: Performance impact of full disk encryption?

    Because he's already LUKS enabled his entire disk anyway (see his previous post).

    Sorry, I have no idea how to undo encryption. Possibly search the Ubuntu WIKI?
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Mozilla Firefox More Vulnerable Than IE of Safari?

    You can read up on the original report here :

    (click on "report"...
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    Re: Names matter

    Well, that was incredibly insightful! Cos that's pretty much what's being touted right now.

    It's a shame really. It's way too complex for me, but I understand why the GIMP is important to Linux,...
  15. Re: Blatant security flaw much?

    Well since the discussion on the subject is pretty much dead and the Seahorse devs aren't taking on the idea of a password before showing your passwords in cleartext, that's exactly what I did.
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    [all variants] Re: Encrypted LVM vs Encrypted Home

    Anyone know if the Princeton attack (freezing the ram from a standby machine), works on a LUKS encrypted system? I think it only works if you know where to look for the decryption key, which...
  17. [all variants] Re: How to encrypt the system with LVM _after_ the installation?

    You're going to struggle to encrypt a system after installation. You need a small unencrypted boot partition, then the rest of your disk is set up with a single encrypted parition, upon which you...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: How do you set the permissions for a new hard drive?

    Might be wrong, but I thought "Lost and Found" directories were unique to ext2/3/4? Anyway, good point. Best learn about fstab from the off, cos there's still no usable gui for this stuff.
  19. [ubuntu] Re: Is there a way to allow a program to go through the firewall?

    I'm a non-programmer, MaxTesla, but I've been a happy Ubuntu user for 4 years now. It depends on your expectations. I don't expect Windows programs to work in Ubuntu and I'm genuinely amazed if...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Is there a way to allow a program to go through the firewall?

    MaxTesla, if you have installed Ubuntu, then wine, then your finance program, you're more than capable of fixing this, or at least testing it to be sure. It's not likely a firewall issue you're...
  21. Re: How to :Auto + secure Mount remote SSH filesys with AUTOFS and SSHFS + samba )

    Automount has to create the directory you specify in auto.master - there's no way round this, I think. Basically, you're asking it to mount something that already exists, so it's not happy.

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    [ubuntu] Re: A general security question from a newbie

    BT Homehub, to my knowledge, has no restrictions to how many wireless connections it allows. The WEP key is generally written on the underside of the router and as long you type it into your...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Locking screensaver settings for security

    Never used it, but there's a tool called "Pessulus" that sounds like it might fit your criteria :

    Good luck.
  24. [ubuntu] Re: Is there a way to monitor/spy on users on ubuntu 9.10

    I imagine that something like this would be pretty easy to do. Not sure if you want to do it, or asking for ways to stop it though?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Microsoft Sending Malware to Linux Computers

    Your firewall (or router, or whatever) is obviously not configured to ignore such traffic. 445 (and 137, 138 and 139) is just file sharing, or samba. Those machines are basically asking your...
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