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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Latest Kernel Update (3.5.0-26) Freezes Intel GPU

    Thank you phillipblake for reporting.
    This helped me a lot in narrowing down the problem. I agree that such regressions are annoying, especially on a stable system. I hope this doesn't undermine...
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    Re: libGL error: failed to load driver: i965

    google earth is a 32 bit only program. On 64 bit architecture it requires 32 bit drivers:

    sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dri:i386
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    [all variants] Re: webgl on Intel HD graphics - OpenGL 2.1 support?

    Forcing hardware acceleration on Intel HD graphics (included Tungsten Graphics, Inc -- Mesa DRI Intel(R) Sandybridge Mobile) with 2.1 Mesa 7.11 or earlier results in *massive* Firefox memory leaks....
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    [ubuntu] Re: Mounting an Asus Eeepad Transformer

    for every MTP device I suggest using gMTP. It's easy, it does not involve any terminal command and has an ugly but usable graphic user interface.

    you may find it in the standard reporistories.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Mounting an Asus Eeepad Transformer

    The very only thing that may have caused any trouble in the commands iGregory have suggested is installing mtpfs. Reversing the changes is as easy as typing

    sudo dpkg -R mtpfs in whatever...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Replacement app launcher for Unity

    I absolutely agree with ottoskyora statement. It's the same as hosting a crocodile at home: it's not dangerous as far as he follows the rules and keeps quiet, but it's a matter of a few seconds or...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: LibreOffice slow after resuming from suspend

    I can confirm this behavior happens to me too when the following conditions are met:
    - nvidia propietary drivers
    - libreoffice 3.3.2
    - resume after suspend

    haven't found a solution yet.
  8. Re: ASUS Netbook Heating Up When Using Ubuntu Netbook 10.04

    Hi t1010011,
    Thank you for your interesting post sharing your experience!

    CPUs generally speaking have a very high tolerance towards high temperatures. For instance the Intel Atom is stated...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Can't make Bluetooth work.

    Thank you for reporting back your experience!

    I would suggest you to completely uninstall every bluetooth package and then reinstall gnome basic ones and try blueman (you may install it from the...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Configure Gnome Panel clock/calendar to use Thunderbird/Lightning

    It's a shame that nobody cares about Thunderbird integration into Gnome.

    Evolution is not as versatile software as Mozilla Thunderbird is, despite having some good points overall is just crappy....
  11. Re: ASUS Netbook Heating Up When Using Ubuntu Netbook 10.04

    I experience this issue too, although I cannot say it's strictly related to Ubuntu Lucid.
    Karmic has shipped during the winter season, this detail should be taken into consideration!

    here is my ...
  12. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 10.04 using the Ralink RT2860 WiFi chipset (e.g. EeeBox B202)

    Basically when you type in the root terminal

    mv /lib/modules/2.6.
    instead of typing the * (asterisk) hit the TAB button twice. It will then show all the existing directories starting with 2.6. ...
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    [all variants] Re: Anybody use Empathy to connect to QQ??

    Hi fishexe!
    Empathy QQ client version should be set as qq2008 instead of qq2005 in the advanced area of adding new account information window.

  14. Re: HowTo: Undervolt your notebook CPU for longer battery life

    [QUOTE=asuna;7644198]Ok thanks for all the help
    Finally got it to work!

    After I downloaded and used PHC Tool

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    [ubuntu] Re: Laptop fan constantly running

    Have a look at System->Administration->System Monitor -> Processes tab and check whether a process is intensively using the CPU. Most of the times is tracker (the file indexer search tool) fault. If...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Unable to Download and Install of NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (version 96)

    You can simply install this package and say yes to its dependencies

    sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-96
    This simple step would install the nvidia 3D accelerated drivers.

    You could have a look...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Installing nvidia 180.60 drivers

    I have the same problem trying to use the 180.60 nvidia driver version.

    I need to use this specific version because later ones silently override user PowerMizer settings in xorg.conf!
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    [ubuntu] Re: Need help with my fingerprint sensor

    I'm sorry, there was a mistake in the tutorial previously. This has been fixed now.

    Check it out here.
  19. [ubuntu] Re: OpenOffice Writer bad screen redraw with Desktop Effects

    I've experienced this issue too.
    Here I explained the workaround:
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    Re: Manslide Issues in Ubuntu

    Thankyou practic for updating this thread!
    I was just becoming mad in searching manslide!!
    Thank you so much!
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    [all variants] Re: need help choosing laptop

    I'm just dropping a note.
    In case you choose an HP Pavilion laptop I advise you for the Intel version since it has a better linux support.
    You may also refer to the guide I've written on my blog...
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    Re: żAlgo Parecido al US-Downloader?

    Using USDownloader under linux with Wine I also get a lot of archive corruption problems.

    I have found a new downloader client, which perfectly works on either Linux, Windows and Mac: JDownloader...
  23. Re: How to use Rapidshare Downloader (RDown) Firefox add-on without updating Firefox

    The extension has been updated recently to version 0.5.5 which is supposed to be compatible with firefox 3.0.x

    However, I didn't suceed in installing it since it prompts me with a hash fail.

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    [ubuntu] Re: Mouse freezes and resets

    I experience the very same issue on an Intel HP Pavilion: after a random amount of time the touchpad freezes for a while and then it gets resetted to default settings (tapping, no vertical...
  25. Re: HowTo: Undervolt your notebook CPU for longer battery life

    As far as I remember in phc_tweaked_vids VIDs on the right cannot be higher than those on the left: i.e. 40 34 23 15 is OK while 0 34 23 15 will probably prompt the reported error. Values in...
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