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    [ubuntu] Heavy permissions problem

    Ok everything start that i want to change something and did sudo nautolius
    and by accident i don't even know how, everything got so bad, i couldn't do anything anymore got permission denied to...
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    Re: HOWTO: installation of E17 from CVS (UPDATED)

    --------------------------- Installing libraries (EFL) -------------------------
    - eet ........................ ok
    - evas ....................... ok
    - ecore...
  3. Re: [HOWTO] SDL sound (read: ALSA) support for Enemy Territory

    It does work with aoss, that problem is that it makes the qulity of the sound really really bad
    There is no chance to understand something with aoss.
  4. Re: [HOWTO] SDL sound (read: ALSA) support for Enemy Territory

    I'm also using arch and not ubuntu but i had same problem in ubuntu...

    maybe it's because TS using oss and not alsa?
  5. Re: [HOWTO] SDL sound (read: ALSA) support for Enemy Territory

    I have a problem too, i can run et with sound w/o a problem but my problem is that
    My card doesn't have hardware mixing support by alsa so i can run TS+ET...

    I tried your thing and it worked for...
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    Problem with ventrilo

    I did everything like in the howto but i have 1 problem when i choose the gsm driver in vent
    My sound doesn't work at all

    and all i get is this error

    err:wave:OSS_OpenDevice ioctl(/dev/dsp,...
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