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  1. Error: Broken count >0 after installing skype


    I cant figure out how to fix this problem. It started when I tried to install skype. I would get an error after the installation saying Error: Broken count>0 in the system tray, and in the...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: help creating an import recent-files script

    Thats great news man,:smile:
    what's the first step though?
  3. [ubuntu] help creating an import recent-files script

    Hello all,

    I had an idea to create a script that will auto-run on startup to import the recent files list from winDOZE into Ubuntu's unity recent-files list. My mom was using windoze on her laptop...
  4. [ubuntu] Choppy sound and video playback + libasound2 + alsa+pulseaudio problem

    I've been using ubuntu on my laptop (gateway nv53) for a year now, and never experienced this issue in any of the releases and sound/video worked flawlessly in Oneiric until now. For reasons...
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