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    Re: Really unusual keyboard layout

    I ditched it for Dvorak.
  2. Re: What's the hardest thing you've tried to learn?

    Dvorak. Never succeeded, but try searching tags 'ripsavz' for my new keyboard layout. No XKB file yet.
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    Really unusual keyboard layout

    Well guys, if you like funny keyboard layouts, this is the one! I'm not typing on it right now (I can't switch my laptop to it) but I can assure you it is really hard.
    Click to enlarge....
  4. Installing 64-bit kernels on a 32-bit userland and kernel [HELP ME PLEASE]

    The question is, how can I?
    I want to:
    - Install the amd64 image from Debian repos
    - Add amd64 to available architectures in dpkg/APT
    - Install everything again in 64-bits
    - install some...
  5. Re: Wiimote broken (this may be relevant to Ubuntu so will crosspost)

    It's a bump.
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    [all variants] Crosspost: Wiimote broken

    I'm using a Wiimote shown in blueman as Nintendo RVL-CNT-01. It worked yesterday with wminput and Wiican to allow me to use the wiimote as a FlightGear joystick but today it does not. The batteries...
  7. Wiimote broken (this may be relevant to Ubuntu so will crosspost)

    I'm using a Wiimote shown in blueman as Nintendo RVL-CNT-01. It worked yesterday with wminput and Wiican to allow me to use the wiimote as a FlightGear joystick but today it does not. The batteries I...
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    Re: Is this still available?

    Not to worry, old chaps. Elementary's Slingshot should be fairly easy to modify to look a heck of a lot like netbook launcher, and it's maintained by Elementary.
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    Now I need help.

    There's no libclutk in the Debian repositories (I'm using Debian and Ubuntu 11.10) and same in Ubuntu. and I can't compile n-l-efl for if I do, apt-get tells me that I've held broken packages,...
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    THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEAN. Darn, I should be monitoring my posts.

    I mean the pre-unity netbook launcher and that is it. If I can compile it, I'll run it on Unity and show you the screenshot.

  11. Stupid me: I've just made a port to emerald of the outdated Xfwm4.5svn theme.

    It doesn't look as good as the original, but let's see if I can export it. I can, so let's see if it has the max, min, restore, and close files i made. It does.

    The file has been renamed to...
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    Is this still available?

    I wonder. Is Ubuntu Netbook Edition still available, specifically the netbook launcher which is an exemplar launcher for exemplar applications?

    Why do I want or need to know?
    Because I liked that...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Can I go back to Gnome?

    Try MATE. I don't think it's in the repos, but you can look. I personally use KDE, for the giggles.
    MATE (mah-tay) is a fork of Gnome 2. is their calling card :)
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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu looks for phantom drive on boot

    Em. This is weird. Try posting the spew caused by
    sudo cat /etc/fstab and we'll figure it out.
    It might be that it was detected on boot so is now in the FStab.
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    [ubuntu] Re: 10.04 64 bits on Dell Latitude E6420

    Try installing 32 bit 11.10 on another partition or hard disk, the driver may be updated and it may be present. I'm really sorry, I do not presently use 64 bit OSs (however I have a 64 bit computer)...
  16. Re: HOWTO: Wii Remote in Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (8.10)

    How may I calibrate a Wiimote using my Philips TV remote? Don't have an IR pen :(
  17. Re: Top Ten List of Software YOU Need in Ubuntu Linux

    1. GET BACK TO DEBIAN - non-existent, but hey, I could make it
    Reason: I like GNU/Linux Mint, which is based on Ubuntu, which I'll use if it's the only Linux available. I also like Debian. What I...
  18. [SOLVED] Re: best way to compress and encrypt large files?

    I don't know what encryption method allows you to encrypt and compress, but compress using Gzip, and then use something strong, like AES.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Partition table

    You will be fine if you have verified everything (i'm an Aspie Techie so I find it hard to explain things in 1st-grader English)
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    Just had a blast from the past

    I'm having a blast from the past. Before I used Debian, I was hopping infinitely between Ubuntu and LM5/6/7.
    So just a few days ago I installed LM12 on what is now known as my Geekdrive, and now...
  21. [gnome] How do I simulate Gnome 3 using compiz et al?

    I would like to find or help develop a program that puts the Gnome 3 Activities panel in a window that works with any window manager. This is for my Gammon desktop project (hint: to join go to lp...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Dead in the do I fix it?

    It would help if you posted everything you can from /var/log/* - censoring any personal details if at all possible. On pastebin or in attachments, of course.
  23. Re: Why turning Ubuntu into a touchscreen tablet OS?

    You just can't have it your way without making it yourself. If you're prepared to spend the 2-10 hours experimenting with different things, you'll get there.
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    Video drivers not top priority? You're pooping me!

    Intel and the Linux devs have been working like crazy, and I have full 3D support on my desktop with an 82865G (i915) graphics chip at 128MB of VRAM - better yet, I had 32MB on my Latitude C540 (VRAM...
  25. Re: Trying to develop a small, fast and somewhat pretty DE.

    Well lots of people have widescreen laptops, so this project counts for them. If you wish to contribute, team is gammon-devs.
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