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    Re: Reading in a file in C++

    Do you initialize count1 anywhere? If not, doing so is the first thing I'd try.
  2. [ubuntu] Re: how-to-connect-to-internet-from-ubuntu-which-is-installed-in-a-virtual-machine-u

    Also be sure you set up the virtual machine with a network interface that can talk to the outside world. (Under VirtualBox, which I run Ubuntu 12.04 as a guest under, that would be a network...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Will a SanDisk Sansa Clip (2 GB) work right out of the box?

    Yup, I've got a Sansa Fuze that I've had for a bit over 2 years that has worked with Ubuntu just like Kirk says: plug it in to a USB port and it looks like a flash drive. I don't know about real...
  4. [SOLVED] Re: program written in Text Edit (Mac) used in Ubuntu: wierd characters?

    What did you see? Your program except with some misplaced line breaks? Or something else? I think I need a more detailed understanding of the problem to make more suggestions....
  5. [SOLVED] Re: program written in Text Edit (Mac) used in Ubuntu: wierd characters?

    In any "file breaks when moved to new OS" problem my first suspect is line-ending conventions. Mac OS nominally uses the same end-of-line marker Linux does (the newline character, \n), but once upon...
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    Re: Getting average image colour (RGB/Hex)

    I seriously doubt that you can get substantially quicker, since to average all the pixels, you need to read all the pixels, and that's really all the example code does.

    I suppose if you didn't...
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    Re: glRotatef etc

    Well, I don't do much with raster operations in OpenGL, but I'm pretty sure you need to call glRotatef before you call glutBitmapCharacter or glRasterPos2f, and if you're using glPopMatrix to remove...
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    Re: Theory questions about Java

    "Try and learn" is a definitely a good habit to get into with programming. But this might be a case where a lot of people wouldn't try one of the relevant experiments. I don't actually know what...
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    Re: C++: OpenGL Clear

    Try removing the "const" from the declaration of argv. If I remember right, glutInit may change argv (e.g., to remove window-system-related switches that it processes).
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    Re: Global Variables in OpenGL

    As a practical matter, not if you're using GLUT for handling windows and events. The timer callback almost certainly needs to update some state that the display callback will use to decide what to...
  11. Re: C++ Returning pointers from functions problem.

    ...but your error is exactly what the compiler says it is: Base::ReturnPtrToANewBaseClassObject is declared as an ordinary member function in the Base class, and so you need a Base object in which to...
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    Re: Global Variables in OpenGL

    More often than not, global variables are worse than the problem they "solve," because parts of your program can affect each other in unintended ways by reading and writing globals. But there aren't...
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    Re: [openGL] remove vertex count

    Look into vertex arrays. I can't say I've written anything that really uses them for more than dabbling, but they give you a way to define a vertex once and then use it multiple times.
  14. Re: (Java) Need help with a not so easy nested for loop

    Here's a thought (well, OK, a couple of questions that might help you see what's wrong): a printed rectangle consists of several lines of text. How do you tell when one line is finished and the next...
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    Re: Question regarding programming-math

    A couple of other posters have already touched on this idea, but here's my version of it: I find that the kind of thinking that it takes to program well is very much the same kind of thinking that it...
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    Re: Text in OpenGL - Cross Platform

    I haven't looked closely at text or images in OpenGL, but I'm pretty sure that OpenGL per se doesn't really support either. I've written a little bit of code for loading raw images for use as...
  17. Re: how to pass parameter in glutDisplayFunc (display);

    More than being static, the key is that "parameter" information accessed by your display callback and initialized by something else has to be global (or more precisely, declared in a scope that...
  18. Re: Anyone got a pass-by-reference work-around for Java?

    I suppose my first pass at a solution would be to redesign the overall program so that this function doesn't have 3 results that aren't conceptually members of something larger. But if that's not...
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    Re: OO Relationship Q

    That sounds like a big but reasonable constructor to me. What makes it "reasonable" in my mind is that it carries out initializations that are (presumably) necessary in order to have a meaningful...
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    Re: OO Relationship Q

    There's probably no one-size-fits-all rule, but "put initializations in constructors" is pretty close. In other words, if you have things you need to do in order to prepare an object for use (e.g.,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Setting up svn server

    Take a look at the free Subversion book at if you haven't already. There's also a very active Subversion users mailing list at (I follow that...
  22. Re: OpenGL: determining whether a point lies within a quad

    I seem to remember reading something like this somewhere too, but also don't remember where, or even if it said "avoid picking and use color instead" or just "using color is an alternative to...
  23. Re: OpenGL: determining whether a point lies within a quad

    Figuring out which object in your world is under a mouse click sounds like exactly what OpenGL "picking" is for. I haven't used it myself, but I remember a fairly good discussion in the OpenGL...
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    Re: SVN version problems

    This is how Subversion is supposed to behave -- version numbers effectively just count how many commits have been made to the repository. They have no meaning in terms of logical versions of your...
  25. Re: Warning message from G++, not GCC - why?

    You're right. To settle this in my own mind I tried compiling the following, which is basically just a bunch of declarations that should provoke errors from G++ according to how it interprets quoted...
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