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    [ubuntu] Launcher not launching

    After minimising a Writer file, I can't retrieve it from the launcher, or Alt-Tab to Writer. It will open up Spotify again.

    This is essentially the same problem as the "Minimize window broken"...
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    [gnome] Re: Broken minimized window

    I have this bug too, and as far as I know I don't have dash-to-panel. My google searching so far says there were similar issues around 2012. I will keep looking.
  3. Re: LibreOffice won't start [undefined symbol: _ZN11LanguageTagD1Ev]

    Thanks Holger. Actually I kept googling and muddled through (using forums and google) to an answer. I'm not quite sure what I did, but it included reinstalling uno-libs3 from Synaptic and then...
  4. LibreOffice won't start [undefined symbol: _ZN11LanguageTagD1Ev]

    Hi, my LibreOffice Writer suddenly stopped working despite no changes to the system. I was using some very old MS Word documents so maybe I've confused it. I've had a go at removing LibreOffice and...
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    [ubuntu] Permissions problems

    I was having some harddrive problems, so I took my box to the local computer repair place who said they did Linux.

    They copied the drive over to a new one, but in the process seem to have changed...
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