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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Hosting Active Directory shares on Ubuntu for audit purposes

    While you may get better auditing abilities, the integration and permissions granularity will be much worse for the Windows shares on Ubuntu than on Windows Server. If you don't have any shares or...
  2. Re: Ubuntu 16.04LTS vs. my Thinkpad touchpad

    Those three buttons at the top are positioned there for a more natural use of the eraser head mouse pointer in the middle of the keyboard. I started using this (since the thinkpad ones are actually...
  3. Re: 16.04 LTS Ethernet says connected but no Internet access

    The resolv.conf aspects are not relevant at the moment since you cannot ping an external IP address directly.
    You need to verify that
    1 - You have a valid IP address, subnet mask, and default...
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    Re: LAN not working with VPN

    This is a normal result from using an OpenVPN connection. What you are wanting is called split-tunnel vpn. The tricky part here that normally split-tunnel vpns only send traffic for the VPN remote...
  5. Re: File encryption on an already encrypted /home partition

    Sure, this works just fine. As you noted, the partition encryption does not protect individual files from viewing (for example, if a folder is shared on the network). However the file level...
  6. Re: GPG/PGP. Is it hazardous to download the public key as well as the signature from

    Ah, yes. My misunderstanding there...sorry about that.
    Per this article (, it's useful to note that the...
  7. Re: GPG/PGP. Is it hazardous to download the public key as well as the signature from

    Checking a file integrity is normally done with something like an MD5 hash checksum...not a GPG/PGP key (used for encryption). Doing a file check from a downloaded file where the hash is also listed...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Locating space consuming files

    It's fairly quick to do some disk usage scans from the cli. You can start at / and then work your way down one level at a time (for easy reading) to find the offending directory or files.

    sudo du...
  9. [SOLVED] Re: Route only port 3389 to internal network with iptables

    Hi niglas2,

    Your rules are not doing anything because they are using the same subnet on both sides of the nat mapping (source and destination).

    As I understand it, you have a host machine with...
  10. Re: 16.04.1 won't stay connected to wired comcast

    This looks a bit suspicious to me. You may want to try stopping the avahi-daemon service and prevent it from starting at boot.
  11. Re: 16.04.1 won't stay connected to wired comcast

    Hi Kris,

    So really, the connection problem isn't from the Comcast modem but from the TP-Link router to your Ubuntu system.
    Do you have any other devices connected to this TP-Link router? If so,...
  12. Re: Configure Yaboot to be used on another PPC Mac ?

    It has more to do with the version of OpenFirmware that comes on the system. The revA iMac G5's don't support it apparently but some later revs seem to have the ability.
  13. Re: Configure Yaboot to be used on another PPC Mac ?

    Hi Panda,

    This article may be of help to you. It deals with booting the iMac from a USB drive after creating the bootable USB stick. Mavericks has the dd utility available from the Terminal.
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    Re: Networking problems please help.

    Hi blumbly,

    If you're going to a pure Ubuntu network, I'd suggest using NFS for file sharing instead of Samba (which is for Windows file share internetworking).
    There is a guide found here...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: 14.04 ssh for multi-node cloudera cluster

    You can look in the ssh auth log file (/var/log/auth.log) for errors in the process. You can also run the ssh command with the -vvv option for extremely verbose output that may hint at the problem.
  16. [ubuntu] Re: 14.04 ssh for multi-node cloudera cluster

    Let me try to be more clear. If your servers are named server1, server2, etc., then you cannot connect to server1 using ssh as root i.e. "ssh root@server1". Let's say you have a normal user account...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: 14.04 ssh for multi-node cloudera cluster

    Are you trying to ssh as root? This is blocked by default. You would first SSH as a standard user and then su to root or just use sudo.
  18. Re: Requests on eth1 is not working, eht0 is working ok

    This link may shed some insight on how to accomplish this. Normally it's a very bad idea to have two default gateways on a single system. But by adding multiple route tables with a bit of conditional...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: [ubuntu] How to commision nodes on MAAS 2.0 ?

    Do you have the option to use IPMI instead of WOL (wake on lan)?
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    Re: New Ubuntu 16.04 install with issues.

    Hi George,

    Can you detail exactly how you went about the uninstall of Libre Office? This would normally be done by

    sudo apt-get remove libreoffice

  21. Re: Ubuntu secure MySQL by allowing only 2 servers to reach it

    For simplicity in configuration, I'd recommend using UFW to set the rules for iptables. You will have a rule to allow tcp/3306 from your game server to MySQL. Then a second rule to allow tcp/3306...
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    Re: Help with VPN GUI client

    Generally speaking, the client that you use to configure the connection has no direct effect on the security of the VPN link itself as long as you are configuring the connection with the same...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't delete route

    You need to edit the NIC configuration setting for the enp0s29f7u3 interface to remove the default gateway/default route setting. If you are using DHCP on both interfaces, then you should configure...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Kill wlan0 when PPTP VPN fails...

    Good find! So just make sure the script is in the right directory as mentioned...

    I think it might work better to comment out the ip link line, uncomment the ifconfig line and change the eth1 to...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Problem with intializing MySQL Database.

    Installing MySQL Server from the APT repository performs the initialization for you automatically. You should have been prompted during installation to set the MySQL root account password.
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