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  1. [kubuntu] How can the contrast of the items on the taskbar be changed?

    I am using the default theme in KDE 4.8.5 and the contrast of the icons on the taskbar is very poor. The dark gray color against the gray taskbar itself combined with the transparency makes it the...
  2. [kubuntu] Re: How do you add sshfs bookmarks to Dolphin like in nautilus?

    Thanks for the reply.
    Is it possible to map a fish location into a directory like in sshfs?
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Does Linux try supporting any languages like Delphi(or pascal)

    That is because I haven't been frequenting ubuntuforums that much.
  4. [all variants] I am looking for a guide on running the desktop process for Ubuntu/Linux in General

    I have been experience problems getting my remote desktop to start, especially with NX and X2go, not so much with VNC (but that is rather slow) Is there a short simple guide showing how the X system...
  5. [kubuntu] How do you add sshfs bookmarks to Dolphin like in nautilus?

    How do you add sshfs bookmarks to Dolphin like in Nautilus?

    I am referring to the way FTP and SSHFS shortcuts created from the Places dialog are added to Nautilus screen.

    I am interested in the...
  6. [SOLVED] Re: Does Linux try supporting any languages like Delphi(or pascal)

    I don't know where you get this idea from. Pascal is very much alive and if you want high quality GUI programs for Linux. the Lazarus IDE is very much superior to anything available for Linux. In...
  7. [ubuntu] Nautilus refresh folders and create new files?

    I have some queries on a few features of Windows explorer that don't seem to be available to Nautilus.

    1. Refreshing a folder resets the view. Instead of maintaining your location the treeview is...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Four desktops switcher is gone?

    Thanks its back now. How many workspaces can be added - as many as you like?
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    [SOLVED] Four desktops switcher is gone?

    I am looking at the bottom corner of my Ubuntu Lucid screen and the icons that allow you to switch between your desktops are gone?

    How can I get it back?

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    [ubuntu] Re: I need a better window switcher

    Does it have its own icon? It takes on the icon of the active windows and gets confusing.

    Is there anything else that responds to Alt+Tab
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    [ubuntu] I need a better window switcher

    I am Ubuntu Lucid and when I have many windows open, there are lots of icons on the task bar and I have to move the mouse over each icon for the title to show.

    Is there a way for the Window list...
  12. [ubuntu] [solved] How can I get the Nautilus icon to display on the panel?

    This seems to be so obvious and simple but I can't see any quick way to achieve it in Lucid. Because Nautilus does not appear in a menu there seems to be no obvious way of right-clicking and showing...
  13. [all variants] Is it possible to reinitialize /var/lib/apt/lists after deleting it?

    Is it possible to restore the functionality of /var/lib/apt/lists and /var/apt/cache after deleting them or minmizing them in some wa

    I am trying to shrink down an Ubuntu VM to the smallest size...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: How to show current directory as text in Nautilus

    Both methods are good, thanks

    There used to be something you could click to change the appearance before, wasn't there?

  15. [ubuntu] What is the way to update /lib/modules after copying VM disk to a different system?

    I have transferred the disk of a a Hardyvirtual machine to another virtual machine with a different kernel but there is no equivalent of /lib/modules// on disk. How can the /lib/modules of the new...
  16. [lubuntu] what is doing in my /etc/hosts

    I just installed the latest Ubuntu Hardy server edition and when the installation, and on checking the /etc/hosts file, I see the the host name has appended to it.

    I got this...
  17. [ubuntu] How to show current directory as text in Nautilus

    In the Hardy version of Nautilus it is possible to change the directory indicator from the set of buttons to an edit control from which you can copy the whole directory, or change the directory...
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    [kubuntu] How do I stop UK keyboard from mixing American with British characters

    I am using Ubuntu Desktop on Lucid and the keyboard constantly changes British keys to American keys, like #/, ~/| and "/@ around. In the System->Preferences->Keyboard menu I have set the keyboard...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: Disable services not needed on virtualized hardware?

    Don't jump to hasty conclusions. What I am asking is if there is a way of telling whether a service is meaningful or not, not based on the documentation (which may have nothing to say about...
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    [ubuntu] Get UK Keyboard working

    I am using Lucid and the swaps around the " and the @ keys, together with the a whole lot of other keys.

    I have gone into synaptic, selected the UK keyboard and I am still having this problem.
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Disable services not needed on virtualized hardware?

    I'm more interested in a guide which tells what those programs are and whether they are meaningful on virtual servers like OpenVZ, VServer etc

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    [ubuntu] Re: How to make to change hostname persist (Lucid)

    Thanks, it works
  23. [ubuntu] Disable services not needed on virtualized hardware?

    Is there a way of knowing and disabling services that are not needed on virtualized hardware, such as KVM and Xen HVM?

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    [ubuntu] Disable graphics booting on VM?

    I am using coLinux to run Ubuntu 10.04 server, and it appears that the installation assumes that the console is a graphical screen and tries to run some commands which make the screen go blank. Once...
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    [ubuntu] How to make to change hostname persist (Lucid)

    Some off my Lucid systems revert back to the original hostname whenever I try to change it.

    I run the hostname command, edit the /etc/hostname, and change it /etc/hosts, yet the old hostnames tend...
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