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  1. Re: broke boot manager trying to install, now always boots straight to windows 10

    Better to use your Ubuntu live installer and add Boot-Repair with ppa.

    May be best to see details, use ppa version with your live installer (2nd option) or any working install, not older...
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    Re: Ubuntu on GIGABYTE tablet

    On very lightweight or older systems full Ubuntu can be very slow. It is more designed with all the features to compete with those other systems Windows or Mac.

    Have you tried a lightweight...
  3. Thread: Partitioning

    by oldfred

    [ubuntu] Re: Partitioning

    You have UEFI install to MBR(msdos) partitioned drive.

    Much better to use gpt.
    Gparted still defaults to using MBR on smaller drives, you have to change to gpt if formatting in advance.
  4. Re: New Windows 10 install Over Existing Windows 7 Partion

    I cannot get your link to work, but I copy & paste and I can get it to work. May look same but leads me directly to report.

    Move boot flag back to sda1 and...
  5. Thread: Partitioning

    by oldfred

    [ubuntu] Re: Partitioning

    It looks like you installed in UEFI boot mode to a MBR partitioned drive.
    Post these, I expect parted to say MSDOS/MBR and fstab to show mount of ESP:
    sudo parted -l
    cat /etc/fstab

    You do not...
  6. Re: New Windows 10 install Over Existing Windows 7 Partion

    You said system was older and BIOS.
    But you must have booted Windows installer in UEFI boot mode.
    Windows only installs in BIOS boot mode to MBR.
    Windows only installs in UEFI boot mode to gpt....
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    [ubuntu] Re: printer service fails to start

    I am using 20.04 and have similar printer issue with USB HP printer.
    I initially unplugged USB and printed using Wi-Fi.

    It may be something about printer configured twice once IPv4 & IPv6, but...
  8. Re: How to get around Windows 10 to install Ubuntu on my laptop

    Have you updated UEFI and if SSD, the SSD firmware?
    Many with HP have said resetting boot order with efibootmgr does not work. And grub uses efibootmgr to reset to make grub first. That works once,...
  9. Re: New Windows 10 install Over Existing Windows 7 Partion

    If a BIOS system, be sure to backup partition table.
    Windows has a bug where it rewrites partition table on major updates & "forgets" to include Linux logical partitions.
    Partition is still there &...
  10. [ubuntu_mate] Re: Installer wants to put extra partitions on a new SSD

    Your signature shows a new UEFI based system. You should make it clear that you are installing on an old system and what the specs are on that system.

    You are correct, UEFI only applies to system...
  11. [SOLVED] Re: I don't know how to do a backup of my O.S

    Many have different ways to backup Linux based system.
    Some like full image backup, but that is obsolete in just a few minutes and since larger many then do not keep it updated.
    Some of us just...
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    Re: Ubuntu boots take too long

    Please post clickable links.
    Is this correct link?

    That is a log of your boot, you can see several longer times, but not familiar with any issues.

  13. [SOLVED] Re: Remove Ubuntu and keep windows 10 Then install a fresh Ubuntu

    Windows only installs in UEFI boot mode with gpt partitions.
    Windows only installs in BIOS boot mode with MBR(msdos) partitions.
    Ubuntu will let you install to either, but really should not.

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    Re: Need help recovering grub menu

    You also need to houseclean old kernels.
    New versions of Ubuntu only keep 2 kernels.
  15. [SOLVED] Re: Dual-boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu refuse to cooperate

    Many with HP have had to update UEFI and if SSD, the firmware for the SSD.

    Grub uses efibootmgr to set boot order, but many with HP have said efibootmgr does not work, but after UEFI update...
  16. Re: Will my brand new high spec desktop work with the latest Ubuntu??

    I would add a NVMe boot drive. With Ubuntu & larger drives for data, it does not have to be large.

    RAID is not backup. It is used more for up time and then you have you data copied/backed up...
  17. [SOLVED] Re: Strange problem with laptop suddenly not waking when opened and no sound

    Newer kernel is in Focal.
    You can install newer kernel, but whether that works with everything else, is up to you.

  18. Thread: Newbie

    by oldfred

    [SOLVED] Re: Newbie

    Little key icons show your partitions as mounted. You cannot edit mounted partitions.
    Better to use live installer & its gparted or a gparted ISO to edit partitions.

    If not reinstalling you have...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 18.04.4 install Help + problem with installation

    Your MMC device is a device like sda or NVMe.
    An install to an external drive still needs an ESP on the internal drive (your MMC), but you should have an ESP on the external drive, so you can...
  20. [kubuntu] Re: Windows 10 duel boot a clonezillla imaged backup of Kubuntu?

    I always promote the new clean install. And that often is quicker.
    But it requires you to have good backups which you should have anyway.

    If you have good backups, you can restore /home, list of...
  21. Re: M.2 PCIe NVMe hard drive not when trying to install Ubuntu 16.04.6

    You really need to have the python code updated to version 3.
    Python 2 is obsolete and not being supported anymore.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 18.04 / Windows 10 dual boot

    Glad you got it working.

    You can change to solved.
    Also post brand/model so others will know.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 18.04 / Windows 10 dual boot

    Different drives is not an issue.

    Is Windows fast start up off?
    It does not look like you have installed nVidia driver. You show nouveau.

    From grub menu can you boot second entry recovery...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: Failed install (EFI on top of legacy install)

    On a gpt drive you can create both BIOS/CSM & UEFI boot. But often with a full install grub gets out of sync.
    It can be used with the live installer as that is configured for both, so one ISO can be...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Failed install (EFI on top of legacy install)

    You cannot mix BIOS & UEFI boot on same drive.
    And best to only have one or the other & with newer UEFI hardware best to just use UEFI with gpt partitioning.

    If you partition in advance, use gpt...
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