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  1. Re: i tried installing wine but got two errors

    an implementation of directx is there but sometime this is not enough and sometimes native libraries are still needed. it also depends on GPU and what kind of support is available for it (for new...
  2. Re: Web Browser, Local File Directory, Notation Lists, and their Bookmarking Systems

    who needs lists and organisation systems anyway. just mash it all together. :P
  3. Re: Keyboard doesnt work after upgrade to 20.04

    you can try a live session (or windows system rescue disk), but based on your description, the issue starts at UEFI, when neither OS is loaded. also if it doesn't work in UEFI, how do you make any...
  4. Re: i tried installing wine but got two errors

    no it's not broke. that error says something doesn't match - for example downloaded file is of different size as it should be. as the error says rename or remove that specific file and try again.

  5. [ubuntu] Re: Want to buy a new printer - what (brand?) works best with Ubuntu?

    HP are usually well supported.

    list of supported printers is here:
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    [SOLVED] Re: Clonezilla for Dummies?

    AMD64 = 64 bit CPU - AMD64 is in image name because AMD was the first to have such CPU on consumer market.
    i686-pae = 32 bit CPU, but has 4 GB or more ram. it needs PAE (Physical Address Extension)...
  7. Re: Help configure mouse acceleration on Ubuntu

    i have a Chinese "gaming" mouse (2 actually), local brand added on them so overall quite generic. it has that button where you can change the DPI resolution. similarly i have a medium size Kingston...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: New User: failed trying to create a bootable flash drive on Windows XP

    this usually solves it. make sure you burn as image.

    also you can try another USB boot creator like balena etcher, yumi or linuxliveUSB cretaor (lili). sometimes they ar enot up to date and they...
  9. [SOLVED] Re: Any proper documentation for steam / proton?

    i just select similar hardware, then follow instructions of others that reported game as working. so far it worked really well.
  10. [kubuntu] Re: Computer unexpectingly shutting down. Don't know how to read syslog...

    it is likely just a PSU issue.

    change PSU first. buy one with enough power. buy a good one and at least a bronze one. if it doesn't resolve the issues on current build, you can always use it later...
  11. [all variants] Re: recommendations for graphic card needed (old hardware)

    get an RTX or RX... you can always upgrade the rest later on. just kidding. yeah it's not good to buy CPU or GPU. prices are way too high in most cases. due to problems in manufacturing of new...
  12. Re: Open source driver Vs. Closed source driver?

    you are using AMDGPU driver. if you see a display (desktop), then it is utilised.

    if you want to measure performance you can use phoronix test suite. it comes with a bunch of benchmark tests.
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu can't use my AMD graphics card.

    adding oibaf won't improve it much if any. it is /was mostly there to support newer hardware. but with 20.04 you already have a lot newer kernel than you chip is.

    make sure AMDGPU driver is used...
  14. Re: Is it possible to enjoy 5.1 or Dolby Atmos audio using headphones under Linux ?

    got it. i am just saying i'v eseen similar things work sometimes and not at others. i am not sound expert to know what makes them work only sometimes.

    re: movies - i think that has to do with...
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    Re: PC hangs randomly with Ubuntu 20.04

    so in other words PC could not even get to kernel? if that's true, then obviously nothing is wrong with kernel.

    then it's a faulty PSU or Motherboard.

    also - move to ext4.
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    Re: Not new to ubuntu yet.

    ok so the SSD was formatted with NTFS file system.

    1. you need to select the PC to boot from CD (or rather DVD or USB because only server image fits to CD and that one has no desktop)
    2. you...
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    Re: copy home to new computer

    additionally you probably need to copy files, not partition. if you copied partition then new system needs to know where it is, so it is asking for it's UUID.
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu can't use my AMD graphics card.

    you need to use xrandr and prime.

    See here for more information (the final post explains it):

    basically the GPu...
  19. Re: Is it possible to enjoy 5.1 or Dolby Atmos audio using headphones under Linux ?

    this seems like EAX.

    for 5.1 you need more speakers, other stuff is just fake using various tricks to get surround sound. i've seen it work on wine games sometimes. other times you get a weird...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Gimp questions

    you can use a PPA:

    version is 2.10.22 which i think should be the same only with bugs fixed.
  21. Re: Linux's heyday for desktop and laptop was January 2020.

    well the kernel is linux (modified) and Andorid is added on it. the issue is a bit with licences.

    but anyway we could say it is quite similar to our desktops only with touch interface. on the...
  22. [SOLVED] Re: Number of apps in repos for different distros

    software center is basically GUI for apt (or apt-get). these pull down precompliled applications from servers
    all opensource applications with linux version can be run on any distro, but you might...
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    Re: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X on Ubuntu?

    great software design huh?

    is virtualisation an option?

    Ubuntu ESM
    Try to get software running on at least 18.04 or 20.04

    you have to get the latest kernel installed somehow...
  24. Re: I want firmware updates for at least 10 years.....Which router should I buy ?

    here you get modem/wifi/router from ISP for 2 years - which is the period you sign up for. after that you can continue with the old or sign up for a new one. it comes in the price. not very eco...
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    Re: Novice to Ubuntu/Linux

    if you are using samba then computers need to be in same workgroup to see them.

    then (i use Kubuntu so file manager is Dolphin) i would go to network icon, browse to the location (we have several...
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