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    Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac

    Does anyone know if this logitech multitouch track pad is compatible with Ubuntu?

    I would use it for two-finger...
  2. Apple Magic Trackpad (1 or 2) compatibility

    I use a mac for work, but ubuntu for my personal use and would like a trackpad that works with both. In OSX it seems that the 3 finger workspace switching gestures only work with the apple magic...
  3. [ubuntu] likewise-open5 is losing the connection to AD and forgetting who I am

    So Im suffering from some serious likewise issues on my work machine. For whatever reason, after I login to the domain, I will lose my AD connection after about a minute.

    I can get to the login...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Cannot find httpd.conf in Ubuntu

    So like, in the httpd file you could set up system wide rules for things like url rewriting, which I need to get cakePHP up and running ie:

    <Directory />
    Options FollowSymLinks
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    [SOLVED] Re: Ridiculously slow file transfer

    Did reformatting fix the issue? Ive noticed that since I upgraded to 12.04 my transfer speeds are also only 1.1mps between two internal sata drives.
  6. [ubuntu] Need help exporting a VirtualBox machine from laptop to PC (WIRELESS)

    So I simply copied and pasted some VMs (VirtualBox) from my laptop to my PC but I cant run either of them. Whenever I try I get the following error:

    So I guess the problem is that my VM was...
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    [ubuntu] Using phpLDAPadmin and configuring slapd

    So, I've run through this guide here:

    to the point where I have pushed the backend and frontend directory. So now I have an...
  8. [ubuntu] Default admin username and password for SLAPD

    So I installed slapd and ldap-utils via apt-get and at one point I was asked for my root credentials but I was never asked to set up an admin account and password, so I cant really do anything with...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Samsung Q-430 overheating A LOT

    I opened it up and air dusted it and it SEEMS to have fixed the issue a bit more but it still tends to heat up quickly.

    Im not sure if the fans were spinning when it was overheating, Im usually...
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    [ubuntu] Samsung Q-430 overheating A LOT

    So my laptop has started overheating a LOT and Im not sure why. Ive been using ubuntu on it for years and I feel like it didnt start overheating really until I upgraded to 11.04.

    and even when I...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Getting starting building a Workgroup environment with Ubunutu

    Well regardless, I know a number of small businesses that are looking to cut costs and upgrade their computer systems. So any tutorials or documentation anyone has would be awesome.
  12. [ubuntu] Getting starting building a Workgroup environment with Ubunutu

    My friend wants me to come to her small-ish law firm and give them some IT consulting. The office consists of a handful of people (about 15) and it's pretty outdated, but they dont want to spend a...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 11.04 kernel overheating and battery drain bug

    Im getting overheating issues too, Im currently running kernel version so I dont know if the dist-upgrade fix is going to work. I might go back to 10.04 unless theres another...
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    Re: Linux Textmate alternative

    Redcar is almost exactly like text mate, even supports textmate bundles. I cant seem to find any of the keycommands tho, anyone know them?
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    [ubuntu] Re: What happened to my widget layer?

    turns out the widget layer plugin was not installed, so i removed the CCSM via software center and installed it via terminal with :

    sudo apt-get install compiz compizconfig-settings-manager...
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    [ubuntu] What happened to my widget layer?

    I just installed 10.10 and was setting everything up and noticed that after installing screenlets, I dont have the Widget Layer options in CCSM.

    Whered it go?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Installing Imagemagick

    im not trying to run it through the desktop. im tying to use it with paperclip, a ruby gem that facilitates file attachment to web forms. Paperclip uses imagemagick to resize images on upload.

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    [ubuntu] Re: Installing Imagemagick

    its not even showing up there. apt says its installed, but the command isnt being installed. So paperclip cant use it, and i cant run it at all.
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    [ubuntu] Installing Imagemagick

    So I installed imagemagick via apt-get so I could use paperclip (on Rails) to resize images but I cant get it to work. there is no command for imaagemagick after installation. So I cant get paperclip...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: How do Manually Configure my Second Monitor for Xorg?

    Ok see, I know how to use the NVidia Settings and everything, but my monitor's higher screen resolutions arent showing up. Ive used this monitor before and I have to edit the xorg file to set the...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: How do Manually Configure my Second Monitor for Xorg?

    Im trying to set it up across both screen. TwinView I think its called.

    Also - I need the "@60" stuff. It tells the computer which refresh rate to use at that resolution. Or at least, I needed it...
  22. [ubuntu] How do Manually Configure my Second Monitor for Xorg?

    Hi, I just installed the new Ubuntu onto my laptop and want to use a second monitor with it in twinview.

    I have to use the Nvidia X Server Settings and while I can get the second monitor working,...
  23. [SOLVED] Re: Whats up with Ubuntu's Crappy Screen Resolutions?

    Yea, I solved it actually, and wrote a little guide on how to edit the xorg for unsupported monitors too:
  24. [ubuntu] How to Manually Set Xorg if your Monitor isnt Supported

    My ViewSonic VX2000 was being identified by my GPU so I couldn't get very good resolutions, like I couldn't even break 1024x724 which simply was not cool. Here's what I did to fix it, it might help...
  25. [SOLVED] Re: Whats up with Ubuntu's Crappy Screen Resolutions?

    Current Version of hte NVIDIA accelerated graphics drive. the Previous v was 173 i guess.

    I was looking at the xorg.conf file and saw that the monitor wasnt identified. Someone in another...
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