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  1. [ubuntu] Re: HD7610M + FGLRX works until shutdown + cold boot.

    New development today:

    I noticed today that before suspend, after boot and login, in amdcccle the display type is LVDS,
    but after suspend it says it is a DDC display.

    EDIT: nevermind. After a...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: HD7610M + FGLRX works until shutdown + cold boot.

    So I've tried it a dozen more times and every time I boot or reboot the screen is distorted,
    while every time I close the lid and it goes into suspend and I open the lid again to wake
    from suspend,...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: HD7610M + FGLRX works until shutdown + cold boot.

    the test made no difference. it ran for about 20 min while i was on this pc
    and a reboot changed nothing.

    I did discover that closing the laptop lid and letting the laptop go into sleep mode,...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: HD7610M + FGLRX works until shutdown + cold boot.

    yes, sure!

    what do you have in mind?

    The GPU worked fine in windows 7 and 8 btw, which I tried a while
    back after I started this thread, just in case that helps.
  5. [ubuntu] Re: HD7610M + FGLRX works until shutdown + cold boot.

    So I still have my problem and I thought maybe a few photo's would ring a bell for anyone
    and clarify my issue.
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    Re: does Bleachbit work?

    I found this useful page, if you don't want to use bleachbit. It also
    explains each action so you can decide if you think it necessary or not.
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    Re: does Bleachbit work?

    The reason it is slow is probably more related to it running on a single core and perhaps an hdd instead of ssd? That is quite limited hardware, although it depends on what kind of single core you're...
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    Re: Things that you dislike in Ubuntu

    I personally use Linux Mint rather than Ubuntu itself. This is because after long time usage, I just got fed up with Unity. No, Unity is not the devils work and doesn't come straight from hell, but I...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: HD7610M + FGLRX works until shutdown + cold boot.

    Hasn't anybody got a clue as to what might cause this?
  10. [SOLVED] Re: After settings window/button scale in 14.04, on reboot fonts are really tiny

    I just uninstalled and removed all files for unity-tweak-tool after having set all options the way I want them. The settings remain after I uninstall UTT and I haven't had any problems with the font...
  11. [ubuntu] HD7610M + FGLRX works until shutdown + cold boot.

    So I have a Toshiba C855-255 laptop with Radeon HD7610m graphics and I have a problem that I haven't
    come across on any forum or google search.

    I've had this problem on numerous clean installs...
  12. [SOLVED] After settings window/button scale in 14.04, on reboot fonts are really tiny

    So I installed Ubuntu 14.04.1 a few days ago and installed unity-tweak-tool among others. My laptop has a low resolution display (1366x768) so under system settings|displays|scale for menu and title...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: [14.04] fglrx installing 13.12 or 14.4 on Ubuntu

    ubuntu does not maintain a proprietary driver. ATI Catalyst = fglrx and vice versa. By default the open source alternative driver is installed when you install ubuntu. Anyway, i'd stick to the...
  14. [ubuntu] Screensaver not activating, can't enter password on lockscreen.

    When I press Ctrl-Alt-L, the screen locks, but the screensaver
    doesn't activate. I also cannot enter my password on the lockscreen.
    It just shows a blank entry field without a cursor.

    I can...
  15. Re: Is my system compatible with Ubuntu?

    Team Fortress 2 is available for Linux. If you bought it on Steam, the license
    will also be available for the Linux version of TF2.

    Your system is perfectly compatible btw, as far as I know....
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64 bit

    You'll have to be more clear. what kind of video files do you mean?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Has linux wiped windows off my hdd

    The Ubuntu installer does clearly ask you if you want to install alongside Windows. Even better, it is set as default
    if a Windows installation is detected. You only had to press enter. Since your...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu online accounts - cannot add facebook

    Thanks Derek Karpinksi!

    After having logged into Facebook, I removed that line "<setting name="AllowedSchemes" type="as">['https','http']</setting>"
    again, so the file was like before, and the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Brand new.....building a ubuntu system.

    AMD motherboards and CPU's work just fine with Linux. WoW works near to flawless, if not that, from what I've heard and read.
    There is a list of supported Windows applications over at the Wine HQ...
  20. [ubuntu] Is there an actively developed "Gadgets" application?

    I'm looking for something like Google Gadgets,
    gDesklets, Screenlets, which isn't ancient and
    is still being updated etc.

    Maybe the time for this has simply passed, but
    I find those little...
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    Re: Steam client experience

    I have so many games on Steam that will probably never be ported (Crysis series, Assassin's Creed series, etc.),
    but I still have hope that it might just happen one day and I'll be happily surprised...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 2 problems

    For many newcomers, the idea of not having to search for and download most applications manually, seems strange.
    And, coming from Windows, this is ofcourse logical. The Ubuntu Software Center is...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Confused as to what this means

    As a sidenote:

    A book on UNIX isn't gonna help as much as you might think. If you'd rather read a book than the free documentation available online,
    there are loads of books on Linux in general,...
  24. Re: Mint 14 Not booting after sleep/hibernate

    You should really ask your question on the Mint forum. Ubuntu uses the neither MATE nor the
    Cinnamon desktop environment. Not in any version of it. So this hasn't been taken into account
    and these...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Is there a system clean feature of ubuntu

    Ubuntu Tweak has a cleaning function as well. It works very well and can remove old kernels and old cached installation files safely. It also removes old configuration files.

    I used to use...
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