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    [ubuntu] Re: internet connection sharing

    So I set up ICS in ubuntu 9.10 to share from my wireless to a windows machine. She was very happy; it was good.

    I lost the wireless connection and switched to another wireless network and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Empathy, People Nearby and the welcome window

    When the other machines on my LAN are Windows machines how do I get them added to the nearby list?

    Empathy doesn't install on Windows... will they show up if they have pidgin on?
  3. [ubuntu] Ubuntu killed my laptop hard drive (bug 59695)

    Has there been any progress on this bug from 2006? I...
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    Re: View PSD thumbnail in "Explorer"?

    This doesn't work for browsing PSD's only .jpgs .gifs .png. Browsing PSD's is a deal breaker for many many people. Is there a method for browsing psd files in Ubuntu?

    Fspot is an ugly work around,...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Hardy Heron Crashes, Caps Lock lights flash, Using A Broadcom Wireless Car

    I also have a kernel panic in 8.10 that did not happen in 8.04 on the same hardware. The panic only happens on one Wireless network and no other time. Its a solid laptop 90% of the time on every...
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