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  1. [ubuntu] A question of mounting hdd partitions the ubuntu way

    i use ubuntu 10.04 LTS lucid.
    In the course of learning with another linux i stumbled upon the issue of auto detecting and auto mounting internal partitions of hdd.
    A search on the net reveals...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: network manager applet missing post running update

    hi all,
    just now i got this solved. The Network manager applet on the panel which i said vanished post the update did not require any of the commands of the link which i gave above. Rather i found...
  3. [SOLVED] network manager applet missing post running update

    hi all,

    my system : Ubuntu lucid 10.04

    I today updated the system through the update manager. System is up-todate. Post update, I find the network manager icon is gone. Not only that, I cant...
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    [ubuntu] how to mount lvm2 partitions

    i have ubuntu installed on 2 hdd. one of my hdd is having a lvm. I am unable to acess the home partition created in this lvm from my other hdd.
    in fact it is not shown at all inside the explorer...
  5. [ubuntu] cant see lvm partitions on non lvm hard disk & permission reqd

    i have two qs.
    hard disk 2 installed ubuntu 10.04 [ for backup] 500gb
    partition is 1 boot partition and balance [root/swap/home] is in lvm

    hard disk 1 [winxp + same ubuntu ver above] non-lvm...
  6. [ubuntu] lvm volume shown in test disk but not the partitions

    i have 2 hdd
    hdd1 = windows xp
    hdd2[500gb] = only ubuntu 10.04[ partition as under
    [250 mb= boot
    lvm of 300gb containing
    / = 10gb
    home = 289gb & swap =1gb
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    [ubuntu] how to create user profiles in evolution

    hi all,
    i want to know how to create user profiles in evolution just like we have in MS outlook.
    I did not find any such option in evolution.Right now only one person's a/c is only configured and...
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    [ubuntu] lvm : basic questions and data safety

    i have the following questions on LVM

    1.When u create a lvm from multiple disks, since the Volume group in such case is composed of physical volumes from different disks, what happens if one of...
  9. [ubuntu] Partition breakup for a backup internal HDD with Ubuntu

    Hi all ,
    Can anyone guide me on the disk allocation for ubuntu and data on a backup internal HDD?

    My system Config

    Intel 2.53 Core 2 Duo,2 GB RAM 160 GB existing HDD , New 500 GB backup...
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