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    [ubuntu] Re: Blue Snowball - JACK set up


    Malcolm - thanks so much for taking the time to post your settings. I've just got a Snowball USB mic myself and spent many hours trying to get it to work properly with JACK, so I'm going to...
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    [ubuntu] Re: faster windows manager?


    There's a panel applet that lets you do this easily; it's just called "Compiz Fusion Icon", and you can usually start it by choosing Applications->System Tools->Compiz Fusion Icon. I *think*...
  3. Re: "NTFS5: No wubildr" after re-install

    Hi, I think you were onto something when you said that C:\$MFT was too fragmented.

    My regular defrags (both the windows one, and JKDefrag) couldn't fix this, so I downloaded the
    trial version...
  4. Re: "NTFS5: No wubildr" after re-install

    Thanks for the response folks.

    Tinybit, I originally had a bit of success copying the menu.lst into C:\ (it eventually completed the non-windows part of the install, but wouldn't get past grub...
  5. Re: "NTFS5: No wubildr" after re-install

    Not wishing to obscure the post, but most similar posts ask the author to submit some fstest.exe results at some point, so here goes:

    C:\>Downloads\fstest.exe info C:\
    version: 1.0 build 3...
  6. [SOLVED] "NTFS5: No wubildr" after re-install

    Hi there, I really need some help with this because I had wubi running perfectly for a few weeks and loved it, and I really don't want to go back to XP!

    After running the Wubi 8.04 installer in...
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