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    [SOLVED] Re: ACER Aspire 1810TZ-412G25N

    I also have the same machine. I'm trying Lucid Lynx beta2 and it works well.
    It's important to don't upgrade to the latest BIOS released v1.3310.
    But install the v1.3303.

    The latest v1.3310 is...
  2. Poll: Re: HOWTO: Gutsy 7.10 All Brother Printer Scanner Driver Installation for Newbies!

    Hi there!

    I've been able to setup the same printer on Gutsy.

    If networked you have to go into cups web interface http://localhost:631 and modify printer port.
    It's not an IPP o TCP network...
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    Poll: Re: HOWTO: Install Brother MFC210C

    Hi there!

    Installing the new Dapper 6.06 my MFC-425CN (that use the MFC-210C driver) started to print in reverse order from last to first page on mutiple pages documents.

    I wrote to Brother...
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