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  1. [ubuntu] Re: "PDF document is damaged"... but it's not?

    I have the same problem (actually on Fedora but hey, ho) with a document sent from an HP scanner. That is scanned and sent direct to E-mail. I was using the combine multiple scans into a single file...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: RAID starting at md127 instead of md0

    I have exactly the same problem on Fedora 13:
    uname -a
    *** #1 SMP ***
    Curiously, I tried changing /etc/fstab to mount /dev/md127 rather than what I originally had /dev/md0...
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    [ubuntu] Re: canon lide 70

    The "best" I came up with was this site and it looks like he didn't finish it.
    I'm resorting to a Windows XP VM under VirtualBox but haven't finished setting that up yet. Fortunately, I don't have...
  4. [all variants] Re: Subversion 1.5 into Ubuntu 8.04 Doesn't Go.

    Having installed subversion 1.5.1 from the hardy backports into AMD 8.04 it should be noted that there is a known bug that it doesn't work with SSL certificates. There is documented workaround posted...
  5. Re: Wubi 7.10 install stalls on Busybox and initramfs

    Before the last problem I also had the error after a bad 'doze shutdown - not that the shutdown appeared bad but Ubuntu wouldn't boot and a chkdsk fixed it.

    Have you tried the all_generic_ide fix...
  6. Re: Wubi 7.10 install stalls on Busybox and initramfs

    Well, answering my own post again! In another thread 457824 here there is a description of how to find the UUID of your disk using a livecd and blkid....
  7. Re: Wubi 7.10 install stalls on Busybox and initramfs

    Obviously, (ahem) I meant the UUID of the file. Now that is configured into the same init file so that if I could determine the UUID of the file I should be able to patch it?
    P.S. Mine is an 8.04...
  8. Re: Wubi 7.10 install stalls on Busybox and initramfs

    I have the same problem on an IBM ThinkPad Z60m. I had a perfectly working Wubi installation and saved it to a USB drive as I had to re-install the Windows underneath (it belongs to work and not my...
  9. Re: HOWTO: Install VMware Server in Hardy (and later)

    I had vmware-server running in 8.04 AMD 64 following the previous threads 337040 and 779934. However, the recent kernel upgrade invalidated that so I had to fix it. So when I checked again and found...
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