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    Re: Do I need bind9 ?

    ok, does that mean i need bind and dhcp.

    Because I'm having issues with bind9 and someplace talked about registering name.
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    Do I need bind9 ?

    I am creating a network proxy server. I have Squid3 loaded and ready to go. So, I:confused: have to load dns server Bind9 and dhcp servers. I do not what this to be a webserver.
  3. [ubuntu] Re: client error 'dsn server not responding but detected'

    i can ping on server but not client-windows7. i checked sys/logs and the
    dhcp gave 2 leases on eth1,
    dhcpinform on eth1,
    dhcpack to the lease ip via eth1,
    eth1 no ipv6
  4. [ubuntu] Re: client error 'dsn server not responding but detected'

    i have a ubuntu server gui and webmin. i have bind9 and downloaded dhcp which both can be managed with webmin. i did try to download dnsmasq but couldnt get it to download all the way maybe, dont...
  5. [ubuntu] client error 'dsn server not responding but detected'

    i am setting up dns dhcp ubuntu 12.04 server. i have 2 eth0 eth1 cards. my client can ping host but cannot ping router internet. i believed i am lost. i can use webmin also. i have eth0...
  6. [ubuntu] squid proxy how to use 2 nic cards step by step

    I have setup a squid proxy server in an old computer. I had to get another nic card to make all other computers to go thru proxy to get to internet. I believe I enabled the new card but I don't know...
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