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    Re: error copying from smb drive

    Mount the share into the file system with an entry in /etc/fstab.
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    Re: Does it matter which NIC I use?

    This one gets high marks....
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Video Editing Software - Good One For YT Channel?

    I've been using KDEnlive for nearly a year now. We're conducting online Zoom events as part of our college reunion activities during lockdown. I typically am just adding title slides to an MP4...
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    Re: rsync not copying everything

    Samba shares, like all Windows-based filesystems, are not entirely compatible with *nix file systems. In some cases I've had to ZIP directories on NTFS filesystems and use rsync to transfer the ZIPs....
  5. Re: Run apache2 virtual host as different user

    You could create a virtual host within a domain you control, e.g, Use a <Directory> statement to point to a directory in his home that he can manage.
  6. Re: Insert text from one file into another text file

    cat file1 >> file2

    Appends the contents of file1 to the bottom of file2. The double redirection (">>") means append. With only one redirection character (">") file2 would overwritten.
  7. [SOLVED] Re: Raid5 mdadm assemble with weird error message

    Try putting "/dev/md128" immediately after "--assemble".
  8. [ubuntu] Re: error while loading shared libraries: invalid ELF header

    libssl1.1 is a separate package. From "apt-cache search libssl"

    libssl1.1 - Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - shared libraries

    Try reinstalling that.
  9. Re: Large transfers over the Internet stalling.

    Do you use the "-v" option in rsync to get a list of the transferred files? Does the failing transfer always hang at the same file, or does it happen randomly?
  10. Re: How to solve getting repeatedly “hacked” on basic 18.04 VPS setup

    Yes, blocking outbound traffic only fixes a symptom, but it is the one that is triggering problems with your provider.

    You'll notice I suggested a fresh install of the OS and, if that doesn't...
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    Re: Securing Computer Lab

    You can reconstruct the skeleton files by copying the contents of /etc/skel as the owner of the home directory. All the files there are hidden, so you need to use "ls -a" to see them:

    $ ls -la...
  12. Re: How to solve getting repeatedly “hacked” on basic 18.04 VPS setup

    I'd start with a simple iptables rule that blocks outbound connections originating on "high" ports > 1023 and directed to high ports on remote machines.

    sudo iptables -I OUTPUT -p tcp --sport...
  13. Re: Ubuntu Server + GUI = Ubuntu Desktop?

    I believe the server version includes some packages by default that are not in the desktop version. Things like the Apache web server or the Postfix mail exchanger that are commonly run on servers.
  14. Re: port state Filtered service HTTP server ubuntu 16.04

    As Doug says, the rule

    -A INPUT -j REJECT --reject-with icmp-host-prohibited
    must come at the end of all INPUT statements. Order matters greatly in iptables. Also if you want to block...
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    [kubuntu] Re: Oracle VM and no shared folders

    With 4 GB, I give 2.5 GB to Windows and keep the rest for the Linux host.
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    Re: Email software reccomendation

    You can configure Mozilla Thunderbird to play a sound or pop up a notification on your desktop, or both.
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    Re: i need find a new mail program

    The current version of Thunderbird running on my 20.04 laptop is 78.7.1. If I open the message composition window, the "Send" button in the upper-left-hand corner is greyed out until a To: address...
  18. Re: ubuntu 20.04 how to get iso's & dvds, usb hdd to auto launch in nautilus?

    On Kubuntu 20.04 a pop-up notification appears when you plug in the USB device offering different options to access it. There's an "open in file manager" choice. DK about vanilla Ubuntu.
  19. [SOLVED] Re: Web pages loading sowly on Linux, on Windows no such problem

    Open a terminal and type "host". Does it reply more or less instantly?

    $ host has address has IPv6 address...
  20. Re: Firefox, Thunderbird slow to launch file dialogue

    Yes, they are not slow to launch, but for me they are slow when saving a web page or an email attachment. Anything that brings up the file save dialog.
  21. Firefox, Thunderbird slow to launch file dialogue

    The most recent updates to Firefox and Thunderbird suddenly take forever to bring up the file selection dialogue on my Kubuntu machine. The dialogue would pop right up on earlier versions, but now...
  22. Re: Audio and video skipping. Screen tearing

    Are you using the proprietary NVIDIA driver? Go to System Settings > Driver Manager to see.

    If this is one of those "hybrid" systems with NVIDIA and another adapter, usually Intel, see if you can...
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    Re: Cannot connect to my ubuntu server

    Did you install openssh-server? Is it running? Is the machine firewalled in any way? Are you sure the machine is at that address? Are you using static addressing? DHCP reservations?
  24. Re: 20.04 LTS - .To Partition or not Partition?

    On the swap partition:

    I usually have separate primary partitions for /boot and /, with /home and the swap partition in the extended area.
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    [ubuntu] Re: iptables rules

    Put the logging rule ahead of a reject one like this:

    iptables -A INPUT -j LOG
    iptables -A INPUT -j REJECT --reject-with icmp-host-prohibited

    and put them both at the bottom of the INPUT...
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