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    Re: BIOS will be dead in three years

    There was a technical need, because it was a limitation of the 16 bit BIOS that it could only address 2.2 terabytes.

    In any case, the BIOS was long overdue for a recall - it was already a hacked...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Wht abt the thingy that rates how seasoned u are on the forum (the 1 in your prof

    Beans (posts) means slim to nothing about how much you know/how long you have been using this forum. Just how much posts someone has made. The "5 cups of ubuntu" is just a title for fun. These titles...
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    Re: Operating systems used in movies

    Tron: Legacy was pretty darn accurate with their Linux system that Sam Flynn uses to get into the grid. Only fail was running "#bin/history". It's just history. But they got simple ones such as...
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    Re: New Computer, need advise

    That's a "Pentium". The reason you perhaps don't see a difference between the core2Duo and core i-series is because you don't really stress your system anyways? Other reasons could be that you had a...
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    Re: Good FreeDOS tutorial?

    Pretty basic:

    I don't know exactly what you are interested in, so:
  6. Re: Your next hardware upgrade, when will it happen? (tentatively...)

    Heavy IDE's benefit more from added CPU power: Linux is light on the RAM so I doubt adding more really makes much of a difference, unless you do lots of rendering/media applications. Then that will...
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    Re: Das Keyboard

    The Das may be a fine piece of engineering, but it still looks up to the grandaddy of them all:!ModelM.jpg

    A keyboard...
  8. Re: Do you raise your keyboard flaps for typing?

    I don't know about ergonomics, but it puts the keys at the intended typing angle. Keyboards always seem sturdier too when they have the flaps down. I always have the flaps down. It messes me up...
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    Re: High School Computer Class Project?

    Show them just how much Linux is used in our daily lives - Stock exchanges, webservers, most of the internet, phones (ex. Anyone here have a Droid?),and so on. Also prove just how much more secure...
  10. Re: Your next hardware upgrade, when will it happen? (tentatively...)

    Bulldozer =/= APU. That's the Fusion processors you are confusing them with. Apparently they are getting great reviews. Bulldozer processors do not have embedded graphics like the Fusions do, and you...
  11. Re: Your next hardware upgrade, when will it happen? (tentatively...)

    Source...? So far as most of the public knows, Bulldozer is still dual channel for the Zambezi (the desktop bulldozer proc codename) CPU's. Some of the recent pictures seen at CeBit 2011 of the new...
  12. Re: Your next hardware upgrade, when will it happen? (tentatively...)

    Wow your potential upgrade is the same as mine :D.
  13. Thread: alienware

    by Windows Nerd

    Re: alienware

    Alienware: Owned by Dell now, produces computers that you really don't get what you pay for with the exception of a fancy case.

    Build your own and save your money and get the components you want...
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    Re: Mac app store opens today 1/6/2011

    So now I can play the same useless, interesting-for-about-20-minutes apps on a Mac too! I'm not exited nor interested in the Mac App Store. I just Virtualbox a Mac installation, don't actually have...
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    Re: Flash woes

    I am the same, I have never had any issues with flash. At all.
  16. Re: How do you sync Christmas Lights with music

    Apparently doing something like splicing them into speaker wire does it (the electricity going through the wire lights up the bulb when data goes through the wire). I wouldn't imagine this type of...
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    Re: Iron man JARVIS meet jaNET

    It's lack of money that stops me from buying one as well. The kinect is, however, apparently much cheaper than entry-level all-in-one light sensors/ir_sensors/microphones (which is what the kinect...
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    Re: How do you see "Linux Hater's Blog"

    His obsessive use of profanity makes me lose any respect I would have had.

    Note that below when I mention hacker/hack, I do not mean cracker or anything below that sense. I mean the original...
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    Re: Iron man JARVIS meet jaNET

    Have you heard about the openkinect project and the stuff they are developing over there? Some hand-gesture stuff/movement recognition would be a neat addition to this project. Just an idea.
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Can't install pianobar through terminal: source?

    He's probably on Lucid or before if apt-get says the package doesn't exist.
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    Re: I'm stuck for ideas.

    Hey, so thanks for the suggestions, RSA seems like a really good idea. If you have anything more to add (like resources, those are always good) please do!

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    Re: I'm stuck for ideas.

    It can be a written report, or a "show the class" type thing. Like I said, I am in (Canadian) grade 11 math, or 16-17 years of age. My mathematical knowledge does not extend much beyond that....
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Can't install pianobar through terminal: source?

    It does not seem to be in the repositories, I have forgotten how to search for packages via commandline (due to me using arch all the time now), but a quick Google seach should tell you how.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Want to fully convert.

    As you may have guessed, many many people have asked this before. People have made many excellent guides on how to do exactly what you have asked. Here is one:
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    I'm stuck for ideas.

    Hey all,

    So my math teacher recently assigned us a math project to do about a month before the Winter Break. It can be on any topic we want as long as it is math related. I am still unsure what my...
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