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  1. Re: ubuntu server does not shutdown / poweroff on eeepc 1000h

    Because you are running a later version of Ubuntu, perhaps try using
    systemctl poweroff instead
  2. Re: ubuntu server does not shutdown / poweroff on eeepc 1000h

    If all you are trying to do is shut down, then try running
    sudo init 0
  3. Extending a 100% full mounted partition after valume 50gb in VMware (no GUI)

    Hello all,

    I have just added 50GB to a vmware (Ubuntu 14.04) server and I need to figure out how to extend the full volume to utilize the newly added disk space.
    There was an allocated 100GB...
  4. Am I able to exceed what I have in physical storage when using Virtualization?

    I am just wondering if when creating a virtual server environment if I am restraint by how much disk space that my system has in the same way that I am unable to exceed the amount of physical RAM?
  5. DSE Cassandra 4.8.4 not a valid port number

    Hello all,

    I have a four node cluster and am trying to get node 1 up and running. Version of cassandra: DSE Cassandra 4.8.4
    The syntax that I am using to log into cqlsh is: cqlsh -u cassandra -pw...
  6. SSH to specific host within a home network without dns?

    So, I have multiple ssh servers within my home network leaving me with only one external IP address. I need to know if there is a way to specify which one of the many ssh servers from my single IP...
  7. [ubuntu] LPR not accepting print jobs from cups server

    i receive the following error via LPR when trying to run a print job through cups configuration:

    Caused by: error=1 running: '/usr/bin/lpr' '-PWorkCenter5330'...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Cups print server errors

    Never mind everyone!
    Enabling 'browsing' in the cupsd.conf resolved this error
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    [SOLVED] Cups print server errors

    Hello all,

    I have configured a cups print server on a ubuntu 14.04 server and I have gone through the web interface as my root user to add the required printer.
    i am able to send a test print to...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Correct option for PST time zone?

    Unfortunately, both of those options are PDT time which is a 1 hour difference to PST (which is what I need).
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    [SOLVED] Correct option for PST time zone?

    Hey fellas,

    What is the correct option to select if I require a server to register on PST timezone?

    I am executing the following command: sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

    P.S. I see no option...
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    [ubuntu] OpenVPN certificate

    I have OpenVPN installed of my Ubuntu 14 desktop and I have been issued a VPN certificate and I am unable to find the location that I should copy it into nore can I find information on how to...
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    [other] Re: Virtual server naming convention

    I have started implementing a name convention like so:
    x5tst-connect01 = on host ESX5, test environment, the service that it is hosting is connect, and it's the first one with that name...
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    [other] Re: Virtual server naming convention

    The objective would actually be to match the name of the host to the name of the VM in VMWare - they would both use this convention
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    [other] Virtual server naming convention

    I am the new sysadmin for an IT company that has asked me to come up with a naming convention for all the servers within a vmware configuration. These are all Ubuntu 14.04 servers (not that it...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 14.04 /etc/network/interfaces not appearing as expected.

    oh, so it disables the directory configurations on the desktop version?
  17. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 14.04 /etc/network/interfaces not appearing as expected.

    i am using Ubuntu 14.04 and trying to configure a static IP via terminal... however this is what the interfaces directory presents to me:

    # interfaces(5) file used by ifup(8) and ifdown(8)
  18. VSFTPD unable to Configure to allow users to access via Filezilla client or otherwise

    Hello every one,

    I am trying to set up VSFTPD on a Linux server and I am unsure as to what configuration is preventing me from connecting from another local computer via a filezilla client (from a...
  19. [SOLVED] Why should I not use a GUI for a server environment?

    I never use a GUI on any of my servers - mostly due to hardware restraints
    however, I would like to really know why I should not use a GUI on a Linux server
    every time I see this topic in forums,...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Unable to log into sudo and don't have su pw?

    Actually, it seems that I am unable to edit the sudoers via live disk because I do not have permission. I tried coping in to a flash drive so I can edit it on another computer, but can't because I do...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Unable to log into sudo and don't have su pw?

    Excellent idea, thank you
  22. [ubuntu] Unable to log into sudo and don't have su pw?

    i was attempting to add a new group to the sudoers file... however, i did it in the wrong order.
    I deleted my user from the sudoers file before adding him to the group that i added to the sudoers...
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    [SOLVED] Missing "Secure" log file in /var/log

    I am missing the "Secure" log file, of which I should be able to use to fined failed log in attempts, etc.
    Here is what the /var/log file contains (from my fedora 20 distro):

    [awest@Loki log]$ ls...
  24. Re: Nvidia display drivers HDMI causing all displays to revert

    What I mean by "revert" is that my displays will change in random patterns
    such as my primary display changing to one of the three other monitors (3 total, including the HDTV), the resolution will...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Executing symbolic link

    So, I added the ~/.bash_aliases then I edit it to reflect this:
    alias lokivm='vboxmanage startvm Loki'
    [Side note - I chose not to use alias loki because it appears that there is a package named...
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