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  1. [ubuntu] Re: How to stream video from a LCD digital microscope?

    The 'modprobe' command loads kernel modules and can pass parameters to them. The 'quirks' parameter of the uvcvideo module activates various workarounds for devices that are not quite uvc-compliant....
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    [ubuntu] Re: unrar like virus

    Nope, never saw anything that made me think unrar behaved like a virus. I did take a look at the source published at rarlabs (for a completely unrelated reason) and while a lot of it went straight...
  3. Re: Adobe flash outdated on eoan. No updates available.

    Install flashplugin-installer instead of adobe-flashplugin; the plugin in the repos is held at a fixed version while the installer will get the newest from Adobe whenever a new one is released.
  4. Re: One line command to check if automatic updates are enabled

    That service is part of the back end for unattended upgrades and gets started whether unattended upgrades are active or not. It's mostly concerned with postponing a shutdown until the package system...
  5. Re: One line command to check if automatic updates are enabled

    Thank you, 1fallen. Missing spaces around the comparison operators, I think. So second try:

    if [ 'Ubuntu'x == $(lsb_release -si)x ] ; then O=0;R=$(apt-config shell O...
  6. Re: One line command to check if automatic updates are enabled

    if [ $(lsb_release -si)x=='Ubuntu'x ] ; then O=0;R=$(apt-config shell O APT::Periodic::Unattended-Upgrade);eval $R; echo -n unattended upgrades are" " ; if [ x$O==x1 ] ; then echo enabled; else echo...
  7. Re: Ubuntu 18.4 Samsung A40 Android won't connect to USB

    Unplug the phone. Wait a moment. Run 'lsusb' without any options. Plug the phone in. Wait a moment. Run 'lsusb' without any options. The output of the second run should have a new line for the phone....
  8. Re: One line command to check if automatic updates are enabled

    The existence of this configuration file isn't enough to come to any conclusion since it might contain directives to switch updates OFF. There is a program for querying apt configuration named...
  9. [SOLVED] Re: My system thinks that sdb is attached, but it's not.

    '/dev/' is normally a devtmpfs whose content get created during boot (see the output of 'mount'). The output of 'sudo parted --list' should give you a good idea what device -- if any -- gets seen as...
  10. Re: How to install this Prodikeys PC-MIDI HID Driver?

    Do you have the older version with PS/2 interface ? Then you're probably out of luck. The driver you're linking to is for the newer version connected through USB. It should already be installed by...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Where oh where has Gramps gone

    Is this the Gramps you're talking about ? Then I can tell you that it actually is in the repositories but Ubuntu Software doesn't show it, probably because of missing appstream metadata. A simple...
  12. [xubuntu] Re: 19.10 - top edge of windows no longer draggable

    ... and to complete the list of little-known XFCE Alt-mouse button tricks: Alt+MMB=put window at the bottom of the stack, Alt+Mouse wheel=zoom (up=in,down=out) (rather useful if I'm not wearing my...
  13. Re: Manpages not displayed in terminal on Ubuntu 18.04

    Try 'file /usr/bin/less'. That should give you '/usr/bin/less: symbolic link to /bin/less' on a Ubuntu system behaving normally, and 'file /bin/less' should give you something like '/bin/less: ELF...
  14. Re: Manpages not displayed in terminal on Ubuntu 18.04

    'man' checks whether the output is a terminal. If it is, it calls 'pager' to display the page. /usr/bin/pager is a symbolic link under control of the Debian alternatives system and normally points at...
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    Re: I am really struggling here.

    Is there a reason you want the Oracle JDK ? openjdk-11-jdk is the default Java Development Kit on Ubuntu and should be compatible.

    The reason all these instructions are failing is because Oracle...
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    Re: xdg-desktop-por SPAM my journal

    Doing 'apt search xdg-desktop-por' shows xdg-desktop-portal and some other related packages, which - according to the description available through 'apt show xdg-desktop-portal' -- seems to be some...
  17. [xubuntu] Re: 19.10 - top edge of windows no longer draggable

    I wouldn't bother trying to restore that functionality since XFCE offers something better: hold left alt and drag with the right mouse button. This resizes the window from the corner the pointer is...
  18. [SOLVED] Re: Mouse Acceleration and Speed woes

    If you like simple, then simply using the name instead of the id would be better than trying to parse the output of xinput.

    xinput --set-prop 'PixArt HP USB Optical Mouse' 'libinput Accel Speed'...
  19. [SOLVED] Re: Mouse Acceleration and Speed woes

    If you're running XFCE, then the settings for pointing devices are stored in xfconf in the channel pointers.

    xfconf-query --channel pointers --list

    will show all the property names for...
  20. [ubuntu_mate] Re: Desktop strangeness - no mouted volumes

    The second screenshot shows that the disk is formatted with NTFS. Linux knows NTFS well enough to recognize it, read from and write to it and to recognize if the file system is broken, but there are...
  21. Re: I cannot cd into a dir as normal user ?

    Actually the IMHO best way to edit system files is to use 'sudoedit'. This copies the file to a temporary file, runs the editor of choice (configurable through the environment variables - in order of...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Xfig and Gimp can not read/display images on the Ubuntu18.04LTS subsystem in Win1

    WSL is to Linux (or Ubuntu) as WINE to Windows. It's a compatibility layer that allows Windows to run some Linux software. Officially graphical applications aren't supported (yet ?), but if you've...
  23. Re: Trying to install CATT on Ubuntu 19.10

    The install aborted because it couldn't create that directory. You'd have to be root (by using 'sudo') to write there. I don't understand why pip wants to install system wide instead of just for the...
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    Re: Windows and buttons too large

    'xrandr ... --fbmm' changes the display size X11 reports to programs for the specified output for the current session only. If you wanted to make that change permanent you'd have to either run xrandr...
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    Re: Minor issue with file sorting

    It probably can be done, but it would be a lot of work. You'd have to redefine the collation rules in your locale definition. See 'man locale', 'man localedef', 'man 5 locale' and probably 'man 5...
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