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    Re: No Sound On Galaxy Book 12

    Sub-forum strapline:

    @briggs_1978, this is an old thread. You are very unlikely to attract help here. Please start your own thread in an appropriate sub-forum of the official flavours section...
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    Re: Installation gone Wrong..

    Support request, not chat.

    Thread moved to Installation & Upgrades.
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    [SOLVED] Re: looking at my old posts

    No. I've just found a load of posts of mine from 2006, the year I joined the forum. It took a few seconds.

    Open up advanced search and have a look at the additional options. With judicious use of...
  4. [ubuntu_mate] Re: Desktop strangeness - no mouted volumes

    The package ntfs-3g has been included in a default installation of Ubuntu for many years now. The underlying problem and the solution have already been described in this thread.
  5. Thread: I'm new here

    by coffeecat

    Re: I'm new here

    Not a technical support request.

    Thread moved to Forum Feedback & Help.

    Remaining unconvinced is your prerogative, but is extremely unlikely to convince the Forum Council that a carefully...
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    Re: Youtube download policy question

    The policy is a forum policy. The Forum Council, responsible for formulating and maintaining policy for the forum, has no jurisdiction outside of the forum - clearly. The Forum Council has no...
  7. Re: Different Forum Account from Old One - Switch to Old Account w/ Username Change?

    This following will be the easiest way of dealing with this. Please pm me with the email address linked to the older k00k2 account - as a security check, so that we know the account belongs to you. I...
  8. Re: Different Forum Account from Old One - Switch to Old Account w/ Username Change?

    The reason is very simple. There are two separate Ubuntu One SSO accounts, one linked to the k00k2 forum account, and one linked to the kalion150. Both SSO accounts appear to be active.

    If you...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Problem with date and time password?

    Rules and regulations? What rules? We have no rule against anything discussed in this thread. What we do strongly discourage - but do not formally rule against - is support for obsolete versions of...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Software & Updates Window Cannot Resize

    @Redalien0304, two forum members, CatKiller and deadflowr have given you suggestions, but you appear to have ignored them both. If those suggestions don't work, please say so. Unless you say what you...
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    Re: permissions of certain posts

    Are you logged into the forum when you click on a RSS link and see this message?

    Please also post the URL of a sample link that the RSS feed gives you when you see this message and, if possible,...
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    Re: Is anyone using the TAILS distro?

    Not a support request.

    Thread moved to Ubuntu, Linux & OS Chat.
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to the Forums - Introduce yourself here

    Post moved to welcome thread.

    Welcome back, @wolftrax.
  14. Re: Samsung J7, Android 9, and Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS - how to connect?

    This isn't going to help you much, but I can tell you that plugging an Android 9 phone into Ubuntu 18.04 *should* just work. With my Android 9 Nokia smartphone, I get the allow/deny popup on the...
  15. Re: Problem creating folder path for LeoCAD program

    Thread closed. Duplicate here:

    Please do not create duplicate threads.
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    Re: Not allowed to use the Ubuntu forums

    When I first read your post I have to admit that I couldn't work out what you might be referring to. However, on checking your profile I see that you changed the email address registered to your...
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    [ubuntu] Re: File renaming in bulk

    Duplicate. Closed.
  18. Re: Help a with lego digital designer program

    Thread closed. Original thread here:

    Please do not cross-post. Your original thread is in an appropriate sub-forum. If you don't get a reply after...
  19. Re: Community-Wiki Discussion: Show Hidden Startup Applications

    Prehistoric and stone-dead thread closed.

    @rubo77, this thread dates from and had not been posted to for over seven years. The OP last logged into the forum in October 2013. The linked wiki was...
  20. Re: Recovering deleted docx from a mac book pro

    Testdisk is for recovering lost partitions, not lost files. However, its companion program, photorec, is the one for lost files. If you install the testdisk package in Ubuntu, you get photorec as...
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    Re: Firefox automatically lowers volume

    Thread moved to General Help.
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    Re: email notification issue

    You are confusing your forum account with your Ubuntu One Single Sign-On account. Now that you have changed your forum account email address and re-activated your forum account from the verification...
  23. [SOLVED] Re: Is it possible booting a WinPE iso using a PXE server to UEFI based clients

    Not Ubuntu Server.

    Thread moved to Windows sub-forum.
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    Re: Are you a JACK expert?

    Thread moved to Mint sub-forum

    Both Mint 17.3 and Ubuntu 14.04 are now well past end-of-life, and are obsolete releases. You would be better advised to install a currently supported operating...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: dpkg execution interrupted, you must manually run ęsudo dpkg --configure

    You posted in the Development Version sub-forum. "base-files (10.1ubuntu9.1) " tells us you are probably running Ubuntu 19.04 which has been released.

    Thread moved to General Help. You are more...
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